Monday, August 20, 2012

Update on Life

I’ve been a bad updater lately, but will try to rectify that for my own personal happiness.
So let’s review things that typically get Will a little off – snot, messed up GI and lack of sleep. Let’s review the past two weeks – snot, constipation and he has quit napping at school.
But, just as quickly as it came, the stuttering seems to have gone or decreased for now. His ataxia has decreased and even his PT Ms. Lauri commented on how much stronger he seemed last week.
SAY WHAT? My Mito Friend? I simply do not understand. All the signals I would have thought would have triggered a hospital visit are now coming with improvements. I give up.
Ok, so I’ll never give up on Will, but it just goes to show you just never know what to expect with this guy.
So, other than obsessively monitoring for stuttering and doing PT, we’ve been doing a lot of birthday party action (need to download and post pics), trying to stay out of the heat (darn near impossible) and getting the house cleaned out.
I’m on a purging mission – Will has been my “big helper” and actually has been doing a great job. He loves to help, so it works out well. Cleaned out closets, cabinets – even the junk drawer.
This week is Will’s last week in Ms. Maria’s class. I haven’t cried yet. He’s moving up to Ms. Monica’s class where he will be a self-proclaimed “big kid” now. I can’t tell you how much I have needed the comfort and care that he’s received in Ms. Maria’s class – Ms. Joanna, Ms. Andrea, Ms. Peala, Ms. Cindy and Ms. Veronica. I know they love him like he’s their own and I just don’t know what I’d do without that.
I know that when he moves up, his new teachers, who already love and know him – will continue with that same level of comfort and care. But he’s a big kid now! When did that happen?
Some funny Will stories…
TMI, but hilarious Will story. Will has some of the stinkiest tootie gas I have ever experienced in my life. I mean, gag me. He will just stand there and toot, smile at me and laugh. So sometimes he has a tootie in bed and Neil has taught him how to “air it out” from under the covers. Well tonight we were lying in bed reading and all of a sudden, Will is shaking the covers out and out comes the absolutely most disgusting smell. He just looked at us and smiled. We started laughing hysterically.
“Are you Kidding Me?” – apparently I must say this a lot. Will says to me the other day, “Are you kidding me Neil?” – I said what are you talking about? Dad’s not here. He fell apart laughing and yelling “are you kidding me?”
I’ll have some more funny stories soon because I am determined to download some photos.
Hope everyone is having a great week!  


  1. I had tears in my eyes from reading your mom's post and now there are more from laughing! Oh that Will - he is such a little stinker! (ha ha ha). No really, he has an amazing sense of humor. I love that about him.

    Tell Will he can come over and help me clean out my house!! :-)

  2. So there I was getting ready this morning and know, Lori hasn't sent an update lately...I hope everything is ok, maybe I will send her an email today, just to check in. Then, while everyone else is still asleep I check my email and lo and behold there's an update! Fast forward 5 minutes later and I am standing in my kitchen bawling as I read the post from your Mom... and then laughing as I read your fart post:) I am glad that everything is going ok (relatively of course), and I am glad that you have such a great mom, I am fortunate to reap the benefits of a totally awesome mom and now even more so with my totally awesome mother-in-law, so I know how important they are. (I would be in the looney bin without mine, for sure). As always we think about you guys daily and now I will do that with a little laugh as I know you are being bombed by Will's stinky bum...they show their love in the darndest ways don't they?