Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Boots!

Ahh! After four pairs of leg braces, we finally have it figured out after a series of problems and issues with other orthodic companies and just in general frustrations.

Will got a new pair of "boots" last week and we haven't had any problems. I can't say enough about Hope Orthodics. They are warm, awesome people who have a background as physical therapists, so they are really trying to give Will the most stability without taking away and movement.

Playing in the "rodeo" room waiting for new boots!

The old boots.

The new boots! He picked the same pattern, just has brighter colors. They have a binder full of choices so I helped him narrow it down to two options - this one and a Longhorn pattern. Yes, I did offer the Aggie pattern as well, but since being brainwashed by his dad, we know that's not an option.

Playing on the play structure post-new boots. Seems to be going well.

I cleaned out Will's closet the other day and decided to walk down memory lane for a minute.

First pair (on the left): Started walking in these boots! A day we worked so so hard to get to and likely it was in part because Will was so determined to get around where he wanted to get to.  

Second pair: Will was doing so awesome we decided to experiment with a lower calf height and Will's first PT, Mr George who I still miss, got out his tool box and cut the back's down. Will thought it was awesome.

Third pair: Will did good with the lower boots, but got sick in Feb. 2012 and March 2012 and the back-to-back illnesses just didn't bode well for his body.

Fourth pair: So on to the fourth pair, we added a lot more stability and support for Will and that has seemed to be the best choice.

Fifth pair: So here we are now! Five pairs of boots since July 2011.

Luckily (??)  as you can see in the photo, we do not incorporate a lot of shoe options into Will's wardrobe. It seems to be easier for Will to only have to adjust to one shoe instead of a lot of different shoes. Plus, the boot only fits into certain ones with wide, big open inserts.

The day we got his current pair of shoes, we got great feedback from his teachers on how much easier it was to put them on. They are so easy, we just bought a new pair of his old shoes. So, new boots and "new" shoes.

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  1. Feet (and babies) grow way too fast! :)