Friday, June 28, 2013

Coming January 2014...

That's right, our little super hero is going to be a big brother in January 2014!
What I might consider my worst kept secret, I am pregnant! I think I have just been so excited about it that I just want to share - especially as our family and some friends knew we were working on this. And, as I saw people I just wanted to share some happy news.  
12 weeks along and have made it through the first trimester with minimal problems. Headaches, minor nausea and being tired are my only complaints. I'm looking forward to that second trimester energy boost in the coming week.
It's been a really long, like two year long, process to get pregnant. Since we know Will's genetic mutation causing Leigh's Syndrome was from my egg (mitochondrial DNA), we decided to use an egg donor to eliminate the extremely high likelihood that we would have another child with Leigh's.
Our first donor did not work out. We had two failed attempts at pregnancy. That was a very long, rough emotional roller coaster. After we used all our embryos up from the first donor, we had to start all over again and this time decided to use a proven donor - meaning she has previously been successful at helping parents get pregnant.
We implanted two embryos in April and found out nine short days later that we were pregnant. After a lot more blood work, ultrasounds and obsessive worry that I would miscarry we found out we were pregnant with a single. While twins would have been great, we are relieved to have one bun in the oven. Twins, plus Will sounds like it would be more like five kids!
Yes, we're finding out the sex. :-) I love to plan ahead and if it ends up being a girl.... well I can't have her wearing trucks and cowboys! I will say no to the bows though!
Will knows I "have a baby in my belly" because I am not allowed to lift him. Knowing from day one that you might possibly be pregnant and having a procedure done really hones in on what's "ok" and not ok during pregnancy. He has been really sweet about it and says he wants a brother - and he says it with authority which I think is hilarious.
One day I'll post on some of the emotional aspects of being pregnant, using an egg donor and giving Will a sibling it's A LOT to take in and deal with, but for now we are just really really happy. I really want to thank our families and friends for being so supportive of our choice to use an egg donor. It means a lot to us and the fact that we get to give Will this experience brings me to tears.

In this view of the ultrasound, the head is on top and you can kind of see an arm and leg in there!
(I got tired of trying to get Blogger to rotate the photo...)
Baby is now two inches long and weighs about an ounce. At least according to


  1. Omg, I'm crying in the middle of stomping grounds indoor playground. I'm beyond thrilled for you guys! Wishing you oceans of happiness with your new little blessing.

  2. Hey its Kim, we met at the symposium. I'm so excited for you guys! Please keep posting updates and congratulations!!!!

  3. Congratulations, Martin family!

  4. Woo hoo! So excited for the Martin family... especially Will. And excited to possibly meet you for lunch/play date during maternity leave. XOXO


  5. Oh my Gosh!! How exciting! I am totally psyched for you! Take it easy and keep us posted!


  6. What great news! I am so happy for you and your family! Will is going to love having a sibling.

  7. Congratulations! Over the moon happy for you!

  8. So happy for all of you. May God bless...

  9. Somehow I missed this! Congratulations Lori!! I'm happy for you guys and so happy will is going to be a big brother. -- Kelly

  10. Oh, Lori! I am just beyond thrilled for you! Congratulations - what a blessing.

  11. Congratulations happy for you!!! :)