Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Post-vacation scramble

Ahh! Neil and I arrived home last night after a wonderful beach vacation, just the two of us. It really reminded me how important it is for just the two of us to spend time together, even though we miss Will like crazy and I feel guilty about leaving him. I think every parent needs a break every once in a while as I think it makes me a better parent  - or at least I have had a lot more patience today. Our flight was delayed by almost two hours back into Houston because of rain, but thankfully Will was all taken care of and I had a good book.

This morning, we woke up to find a leak coming out of our attic. After scrambling around finding buckets and a plumber the leak is almost repaired. Now, on to the sheetrock. I couldn't help but laugh - it's a good think I was so relaxed from vacation otherwise I might have flipped a gasket.

Our view of the ocean... ahhh!
Will not missing us in the slightest - fishing with my sister and her boyfriend Tom. They didn't catch anything, but apparently Will enjoys a speedy boat ride.
Welcome home! Thankfully this is in our guest room and not in our bedroom or Will's!

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