Thursday, June 26, 2014

Musical beds

When I was pregnant with Will, I was confident I would NEVER EVER let him sleep in our bed.... He would start in his crib and stay there. We all function better on good sleep. 

That worked for a few years, then he was diagnosed with Leigh syndrome. He hasn't slept alone or in his bed since July 5, 2012. Three years. 

For the first few weeks after he was diagnosed we just clung to him. We wanted to be with him every minute we could and him sleeping with us seemed like a good idea. As the years have gone by this little guy turned into a big guy and as I got bigger and bigger while pregnant with Quinn I elected to sleep in Will's bed and leave Neil and Will in our bed. 

Musical beds (not chairs) if you will...

We also started the bad habit of helping him fall asleep. It got to the point where he couldn't really fall asleep without one of us laying there.... for 30 or 45 minutes. This works if you're an only child, have no desire to watch a TV show or clean up the house etc. 

Adding Quinn into the mix this sleeping situation was not healthy, good or efficient. 

We decided to slowly start changing his sleeping situation to give him the much needed independence and confidence that kids get by putting themselves to sleep and sleeping alone. We started slowly, just having him put himself to sleep in our bed. He earned stickers and did great. 

This past week we moved him to his own bed. 

The first night, Neil and I both had a hard time accepting this. We know it's the best thing for Will, but there is something extremely comforting about snuggling and hugging Will and falling asleep with him. I never want him to be afraid or alone. 

But, Will has totally rocked it. While he still yells out for me in the middle of the night, he seems to have embraced it. I am so proud of him! I also got a clock that shows a bunny awake and asleep. He has to stay in bed till the awake bunny lights up. This is a challenge, but slowly he's getting there. 

One day, I will sleep through the night again. :-) 

Perhaps this is one of my lamest posts, but getting Will to put himself to sleep and do it in his bed alone is a big accomplishment! 

Quinn's sleep is a mixed bag - she usually wakes up once or twice and one of those times needs some help to get back to sleep. I tried to cry it out one night and it took me 30 minutes to calm her down. So that path isn't for us, but fuss it out for five minutes appears to be slowly working. She, however, has started in her crib and will remain in her own bed! 

Bed time hugs

Will "chilling" in Quinn's high chair while watching Wheel of Fortune; he new favorite show. 
He likes to sound out the letter and then associates it with one of his friends name at school.

She started rolling over last night and sleeping on her belly. Look at all that drool on her crib sheet. 
Can we say teething??


  1. Way to go, Martins! I totally feel you on the sleep thing. Do what's best for your family and forget the experts. With Milena, I *thought* is doing cry it out when she fussed and cried for less than 10 minutes and I could see her on the video monitor wilting into the mattress little by little and then passing out. With Vincent, oh man, another story. I tried CIO exactly once. He worked himself up so hard that he vomited all over the crib. That was the end of that. I rocked him to sleep on a boppy then put him in crib. When he woke 4 hours later, he was in my bed. When he was around 2 I pawned him off on his sister. Lol. They sleep in a trundle bed in his room. Benefits of siblings;)

    Week and Quinn are adorable! Live to see their sweet faces.

    1. Will not week. Lmao. Stupid autocorrect!