Wednesday, September 10, 2014

6, 7, 8 Months old

Six months old I was ready for. I loved that stage with Will. They would sit in one spot, play, roll over and get excited to see you. The seventh month was a bit of a blur and now all of a sudden Quinn is eight months old and CRAWLING! She also is trying to pull up into a standing position on anything she can find and has actually "cruised" a step or two. And, she's saying dada!!! I am not ready for eight months old!!

It happened during Labor Day weekend. She just woke up one morning and starting going to a sitting position from her belly or back. Then the next morning she woke up and starting this funny crawl with one knee down and one foot on the ground kind of push/crawl thing. Then she woke up and had both knees on the ground.

Thankfully, her speed is slowly increasing. She's already too fast for me and it's only going to get quicker.

Neil and I talked about how amazed we are with Quinn's physical progress. It's beginning to get harder and harder for me to realize just how different Will and Quinn are from a physical standpoint. I think one of the biggest differences is that she already has controlled and sturdy body movements. It's mesmerizing, rewarding and heartbreaking for me to watch her move her body. She already seems to have more control than Will does. I don't necessarily dwell on this, but it's definitely something I think about.

One of the happiest moments of my day is when Will and Quinn are loving to each other. There's always a few minutes that Will is enamored with his sister and loves on her. She just coos and plays right back with him. Will wants to teach Quinn to throw a ball so they can play catch. He lacks patience with this and usually snatches the ball from her. He does this with just about every toy she plays with, Quinn hasn't figured out that she could/should yell for it back. Hopefully this is not a skill she wakes up with tomorrow.

Will thinks it's hilarious when we prop Quinn up on his shoulder and he "holds" her. 

Sharing aka Will taking the toy away and Quinn finding a new one. 
Look at my little girl sitting up so nice and tall!

It's been a LONG time since this happened. It was a nice moment to snuggle with her. She always seems to be on the move or moving...

Holding her own bottle for everyone except me.

Eating solids. We tried one of those baby puffs last night, and it went okay, but I think we're going to wait a bit. I can't handle the fake gagging right now.

In crawling position about to get brother.

Hanging in the car waiting for her school to open after we dropped Will off at school. I have about a 25 minute lull time between when Will has to be at school and when her classroom opens. It seems easier to hang in the car than go home, unload, reload and go.

Will's finished masterpiece race car.Someone looks mighty sleepy after school. 

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  1. The hug picture melted me into a puddle. They are both so adorable. Quinn looks so much like Will, esp. with those baby blues. Love them! Does Will know the trade trick? Trade them for a toy you want. Babies are easy to dupe with the "trade them out" trick.