Friday, July 20, 2012

Good news!

During our extended hospital stay in March a lot of the blood work that was done showed Will has a low results for his immune system (shocker...). Dr. Pacheco (immunologist) and Dr. Koenig recommended we consider doing a pneumovax. Here is some more info on the vaccine

So, we let Will recover from the hospital visit, did round two of ear tubes in April (he was hospitalized in Feb. for ear infections as well), then did the vaccine in May. Six weeks after you receive the shot, you go back for blood work to test various levels of your immune system.

Today I found out all his labs came back all normal! Apparently he responded really well to the vaccine. Of course, I don't always trust what the nurse calls normal, so I have asked for his pre-vaccine labs and post lab reports.

I also asked for the first available appointment with Dr. Pachecoto discuss a road map for the future and to better understand what "normal" labs means. Immunology is a path that's so important to keeping Will healthy, but I don't feel like I have a good grip on how the system functions and what are the most important things to consider. I learned a lot about this at the UMDF conference, but now have a lot more questions.

So, we have an appointment set for Oct. 17 - yup, that's what you get for "first available" with a doctor that only sees patients one day a week. Good thing his labs were normal otherwise the nurse might not have appreciated the  weekly calls from me asking for any cancellations.

We're heading to the circus this weekend, which Will is really excited about. His favorite show continues to be the big purple dinosaur, Barney, who I love to hate. They recently had a segment where they go to the Circus, but one of the other equally annoying animals, BJ, "lost his knapsack and the tickets were in it" - so Will wants to make sure I don't lose the tickets. I just replied back. Ok. I mean what the heck do you say to that one? I had a good laugh.

Happy Friday!

If I had to guess, Will is hoping to see an elephant at the Circus. There of course is a Barney song about elephants too...

Pics from our zoo trip

The old classic "sunglasses on upside down" look


  1. Praise God! I continue to keep you in my prayers. I am so amazed at how well you are coping - you and Neil are amazing parents.