Monday, July 23, 2012

Medical ID bracelet

I am going to get Will a medical ID bracelet so that if we are in a car wreck or something weird happens, the EMTs know he is medically fragile.

I'm looking for suggestions on what to put on the bracelet....
His name.
Mitochondrial disease

What else mito caregivers? What do you think would be helpful for a first responder to know?

A couple of thoughts I had:
"D10 asap"
"Child Memorial Hermann TMC"
his doctors phone number

He is not technically allergic to anything, but there is quite a LONG list of things they should avoid.

Some of these you can write on them and others you can get engraved. I'm thinking I will get the kind that you write on (shown below) so that we can update as needed.

Any suggestions from others who have experience with these?

I realize I could probably figure this out myself, but for some reason I'm having a hard time deciding.

I also saw these for the car seat and thought, that's pretty cool - even for those who are not medically fragile, but are perhaps in a wreck and would be good for the EMTs to know.

**UPDATE** I got this link from a fellow Mito Mom (Thanks Missy!) and I think I'm going to use this. - it's an organization that has a medic bracelet, but also has a phone number for medics to call 24/7 to get details on how to help the child. I also plan on including a few extra details on the bracelet so that the EMTs are not waiting on a phone call. They charge you an annual fee to keep all your records on file - $20 bucks is worth it to me.

I'm also going to do the seatbelt thing and just put this Medic Alert info on the paper inside it.

If anyone knows any EMTs, I'd be curious to hear their comments on something like this - does it really help? Do they even recognize it?

Thanks everyone for the input.


  1. We use the Road ID bracelet for Lukas. Its an easy bracelet to wear (like a Rubber cancer support bracelet). We have it on is ankle and it doesnt seem to bother him much. We're still working on a diagnosis over here (mito?) but right now his says
    Peanut allergy
    My phone number
    Autism spectrum disorder
    Non verbal

  2. Thanks for posting that seatbelt bracelet. I had a label on their infant car seats but not their current ones. Great idea.

  3. We use MedicAlert for Hudson. It's a great service.

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