Monday, October 8, 2012

It's getting Spooky Around Here

This time last year, just a few months post-diagnosis, I was in a fog. Last year for Halloween I went to the Kroger down the street the night before Will's school Halloween party and bought a $10 glow in the dark skeleton. While that's totally acceptable, I look back on it as a pathetic mommy move. (I know, I know... it's a stupid mommy pressure thing we put on ourselves - damn Pintrest - which I refuse to even log on to)

This year, we got a catalog in the mail. Maybe one came last year, I really have no idea. Mail wasn't a huge priority. Will picked out his costume, I ordered it and it's already arrived. BOOM! Go mommy!

What a difference a year makes... I am kind of proud of myself honestly. I know Will didn't know the difference last year (or maybe he did and I was so foggy and depressed that I didn't even notice) but I knew that's not what I wanted.

Now, he eagerly talks about his costume and Halloween and trick-or-treating with his cousin. This is what I wanted. Special Halloween paper plates I grabbed for a dollar at Kroger ALL month long to make his morning more fun.

I still remember his first Halloween we eagerly headed over to Party Boy to pick out our baby's first costume. It was a monkey - pretty fitting for him. Our little monkey. Pre-diagnosis, pre-therapy - it was just so pure and honest without any reservations of future Halloweens to come. It was just us hanging with our monkey. I miss those days. I miss just looking at him without fear or feeling like the moment is just slipping by too quickly.


If you haven't gotten your kiddos costume yet or perhaps you are a "big kid" and love Halloween as an adult, please consider ordering it online here:
15 percent of your purchase will go towards UMDF!

Hope you have a spooktacular October. I'm looking forward to pumpkin patch visits, trick-or-treating and finally some cooler weather! Likely Will is just looking forward to the candy :-)


  1. I'm glad I read this. I have been having REALLY bitter feelings about Halloween this year. Last year, I spent $50 (RIDICULOUS) on a ridiculously cute costume, but we got home from the hosptital with the NG tube 2 days before Halloween. He wore his costume literally 3 minutes for me to take some pictures and that was it. This year, ugh. We have no money, he doesn't eat, would hate any Halloween party/costume thing and we are in the diagnosis "fog". I just want to skip it. But I shouldn't. Maybe his cute costume from last year will still fit??? I will check out the site though- what a great fundraiser!

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  3. Ok, for the record, I happened to have LOVED the glow in the dark skeleton. My kids thought it was the bees knees. Glow. in. the. dark. Nuff said.

    Second, the monkey pics are adorable too. I can't believe the pirate pics are not featured on this blog. Because that was my fave. Not every 2 yr old can rock a handlebar mustache like Will did. So freakin cute.

    So I will look forward to what he chose (I'm guessing it is secret?). Vincent will be looking nice and ridiculous on Halloween. You might have seen the preview pics on my FB. Uncle Sam. He's been practicing the signature pointing finger. HAHAHA. Election year. You gotta go there....or at least I do. HAHA.

    Biggest hugs to you. Will is so loved and cherished by so many, and I'm sure he feels it regardless of how or where his costume was purchased. You don't deserve ANY mommy pressure. Screw pinterest. I didn't sign up for that nuttiness either. You are the best mom I know. Sending you wishes for less fear,friend. Easier said than done, I'm sure. Always rooting for you, Martins!

  4. Oh my gosh...what a cute little monkey:) I am interested to see what Will chose for his costume...If I were to let Austin choose right now he would be Barbie...specifically Merlia the mermaid...don't ask...boy's are so weird! We will see what we end up with in the end. Have a great October, looking forward to seeing all of your pics!


  5. K was a skeleton last year and she loved it! This year a friend is making her a fancy tutu/shirt combo to match her sock monkey hat, though. She's sock monkey crazy! And I totally don't play the Pinterest mommy wars...nobody wins that game!