Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Past Five Days

Whew! I think this kinda captures our life.

Friday, my sister Julie and I took Will and Carson to The Woodlands high school football game. This is a HUGE deal. Julie used to teach there and occasionally takes Carson to the games. Well, Carson loves going and got Will all pumped up to go. They have been asking us to take them for a month, seriously, a full month.

On the field before the game, watching the football players warm up.

Singing the national anthem

Up close and personal with the ladies... Excuse me fellow The Woodlands High School alumni (ahem, Lindsey K.), it's not just some pathetic little drill team - it is The High Steppers. Check yourself ladies...

Pretty happy after chowing down on a some sour patch gummy straws. I'm always amazed when Will eats gummy stuff. Just a year ago he would have choked on it.
Saturday morning we woke up and went to Pump It Up for a birthday party – shout out to the Granello’s for an awesome time. If you’ve never been to Pump it Up, it’s kinda my worst nightmare for Will. Bounce houses, germs, he refuses to wear his leg braces because no one else is wearing shoes, kids running everywhere and just one squirt of anti-bac before they go consume pizza and cake after bouncing for 2 hours. BUT, Will loves it so we do it. We show up a little late to avoid too much jumping, then I follow Will around and try not to sweat the whole time. Will slept in so late that I was afraid we'd miss the whole thing!

Playing air hockey

Neil and I both hoisted our nearly 40 pound kiddo up a fairly steep set of stairs so he could go down the big slide. I was pretty sure I was going to lose my footing and fall on the children behind me, but thankfully I didn’t. Whatev, I’m sure all the adults were jealous that we got to go down the big slide.
So my camera kind of sucks sometimes and I was only able to catch Will at the very top of the slide. I really wish I had gotten a picture of Neil coming down it. That would have been classic.

I was so proud of Neil and I (and Will). There was a piñata, and Will marched on up and had his turn without any help from us. Normally, one of us would have helped him so he could really get a good hit, but he managed to swing, hit it and not fall over.
Waiting in line for the pinata with our two favorite Bilski girls!
Came home and took a nap. Phew.

Saturday afternoon we hustled down the street for a Halloween party for our neighborhood friend Maggie. So much fun! We painted and decorated a pumpkin and Maggie also was a pirate, just like Will. We brought her a sword to share and they chased each other around in the back yard.

As lame as this sounds, I am pathetically afraid to go to other people’s homes for parties like this 1- don’t know the lay of the land so I don’t know if Will can really get around 2- other families / parents who don’t know our situation judging (ok, I really don’t worry about them, but it’s just irritating) and 3- food I didn’t cook or know where it came from ie. Choking hazard.

Luckily, this Halloween party was awesome. The parents were super nice as were the kids. The spider cupcakes were delicious and most importantly Will had fun.

Sunday morning

6:30 a.m. – Will wakes up puking. Clean up. Back to bed.
8:30 a.m. – Will pukes up the three sips of pedilyte I managed to get him to drink. Clean up. Barney time

Manage to get him to eat some food, drink Gatorade (negative on the pedilyte, not worth that fight)
2:30 p.m. Wakes up during his nap, projectile puking. Feels warm.

3:30 p.m. Leave for the ER
9:30 p.m. Leave from the ER to come home.

Luckily, he didn’t have any more pukes at the ER, but we managed to get him on fluids quickly to keep his body from dehydrating. He had a low fever in the ER, but after the fluids started it went down by itself which was nice.
Of course, I had packed like we were going to stay for five days, or get puked on five more times. Whichever. J The lady who did his IV was not, shall we say, experienced? Plus his veins were pretty crummy because he wasn’t hydrated. It was a bloody scene and they changed the sheets thankfully.  Will was NOT a happy camper.

We all slept well Sunday night and he had a great appetite on Monday morning. We got to hang out with him all day J Neil and I tag teamed working from home and hanging with Will so that was nice.

I had a doctor appt. on Monday morning – just needed to do some labs. Will came with me and held my hand while I did my blood draw. He told me I was very brave and good job for not crying. I wanted to cry after that.

Tuesday: Will was back to school and Neil and I ventured over to the med center for the MRI results. It also happened to be my mito appointment, so we chatted about those items too - nothing to report on me. I will post MRI results soon, just digesting.
Whose ready for the weekend? ME!!!
Will showing off his mad chewing skills - a huge piece of gummy candy in his mouth. Carson looks a little disgusted if you ask me. :-)



  1. Um - please correct. Highsteppers, not "drill team." :) Sounds like a great long weekend, minus the ER visit. Glad Will is back at it! XO

    1. Watch out, Mrs. K you former Highstepper you. I hope next time I see you I don't get a high kick to the jaw :-) I have corrected the blog entry. I hope you enjoy it. XOXO

    2. Yay! You crack me up! I would never high kick YOU in the jaw. Let's meet for lunch again soon... XO

  2. The pledge of allegiance pic is SO DARN CUTE. ridic. Air hockey too. Looks like a great weekend....until the puking part. Doh. Hugs!

  3. Wow, what a busy week! It is that time of year isn't it? I feel like we have something to do every weekend until Christmas! Will looked so cute in his pirate costume (p.s. I had to pry the barbie princess dress out of Austin's hands to get him into a fireman costume and Abby stuck with her cowgirl idea, they were both super cute)Such a bummer that you had to take a trip to the E.R. but at least you didn't have to get admitted...boo on medical personell who don't know how to get an IV started...why is it that some are so great at it and some just couldn't do it to save thier lives? I've always wondered about that. Hope you had a good halloween!