Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Halloween

Eh, I know I'm late, but better late than never. Will decided to be a pirate this year for Halloween.
We started the day off with a Halloween parade at school, special snacks and then trick or treating with my parents, my sisters, bro-in-law, Carson, Cameron, the Gell's and whoever else we happened to meet along the way. My sister took at the trick or treating pictures, so the Halloween parade will have to suffice for this post.

Arrr Matey!

Star wars, Uncle Sam, Pirate, Wonder Woman and Spider Man looking like they are up to no good during the Parade.

One of Will's many girlfriends :-)

Cameron aka Woody from Toy Story was NOT into his costume this year.

Will and his angelic teacher, Ms. Monica

Where is the candy people?
We also celebrated in spirit with Will's new and ONLY girl cousin, Sophia!! The cutest witch I've ever seen.


  1. Cutest pirate I've ever seen. Glad it was such a fun day!

  2. Will made an adorable pirate! I love that face!

  3. OMG, the picture with Ms. Monica is SO cute. And Cameron as a grumpy Woody made me laugh out loud. Cute cute cute!

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