Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It's a....

We found out Will is going to have a little sister in January 2014! We had the anatomy scan done and everything looks really good with baby girl! She is measuring right on track.
We had a tricky time getting her to cooperate as she had her rump towards us the whole time. Finally, the technician was able to see what she needed to see.
We told Will he was having a sister and he said, no, I want a boy. Then as I was putting him to sleep he wanted to know when his sister would come out and change to a boy. Poor guy. We probably should have just kept things quiet with him, but I haven't been able to pick him up since the IVF transfer happened, so we had to give him some sort of explanation!
Neil and I are really really excited to have a girl on the way. I'm pretty confident that Will is going to be excited to have a girl, eventually. Before we knew the gender, he always talked about changing her diaper, or feeding her a bottle.
Little foot

Baby girl's head at the top and her body, folded up like a pretzel.
I give up on trying to figure out how to get ultrasound photos to appear correctly. 


  1. i literally LOLed when i read this:

    "We told Will he was having a sister and he said, no, I want a boy. Then as I was putting him to sleep he wanted to know when his sister would come out and change to a boy."

    1. It took all I had to respond without laughing! Ah the innocent young pure hearts...

  2. awwww. so exciting! FYI, that baby girl is going to have bling. Auntie Beth has learned a few things over the years, and will make sure she has a full array of bows, tutus, and headbands ;)

    Milena wanted a little sister badly. We didn't find out the sex until Vincent was born, and I called my mom from the hospital but she didn't know if she should tell Milena so she didn't. When Milena showed up at the hospital to meet him for the first time she saw he was a boy. My mom said, "Milena, what are we going to do with this boy?" Milena said, "We're just gonna love him." Awwwww. Tell Will there are bonuses to little sisters. He won't have to share his clothes, etc.


  3. YAY!!!! Congratualtions, that is SO EXCITING!!!!!!

  4. Oh, and random aside. According to psychologists, children do not understand the idea of gender permanency until the age of 7. So theoretically most kids Will's age think that the baby very well could change into a boy. Its also the reason they say for mamas to tread lightly with the whole princess issue. Many girls throw themselves headfirst into total princess fanaticism for a short while and well meaning mamas that want well-rounded non helpless daughters point out all the reasons why princesses are weak, etc. For little girls, it can be misunderstood to mean you don't like GIRLS. "According to theories of gender constancy, until they’re about 6 or 7, children don’t realize that the sex they were born with is immutable. They believe that they have a choice: they can grow up to be either a mommy or a daddy. Some psychologists say that until permanency sets in kids embrace whatever stereotypes our culture presents, whether it’s piling on the most spangles or attacking one another with light sabers. What better way to assure that they’ll always remain themselves? If that’s the case, score one for Mooney. By not buying the Princess Pull-Ups, I may be inadvertently communicating that being female (to the extent that my daughter is able to understand it) is a bad thing." This is the article I lifted the quote from. I really enjoy Orenstein's writing even though (like many feminists) she's a little overanalytical IMO.

  5. So exciting!!!! Congrats!!

  6. So happy for you! But, the truth be known, I'd be just as happy if the baby were a boy. All babies are wonderful and I'm still celebrating the upcoming arrival!

  7. So happy for you, Lori, Neil and Will!

  8. Oh you're so lucky!!! You're going to LOVE having a girl!!

  9. Yay!! So excited for you Lori! Hugs and Kisses!