Monday, September 2, 2013

Fun Times with Cousins

Will's school was closed for teacher in-service about a week and a half ago so me, Will, my sister Julie and my nephews Carson and Cameron decided to do something fun, new and different. Our schedule was the Art Car Museum, lunch, Houston Fire Department Museum and the Health Museum. Whew!

The Art Car Museum was a quick trip, you're not allowed to touch anything inside but it was fun (and air conditioned). We were in and out pretty quick.

The Fire Museum was a little bit more of the same, but they have a really neat hands on kids area where we spent a lot of time.  It was really fun. They have a front seat of the fire truck - steering wheel, switches, etc. You can actually turn the lights, signals and alarms on. They have another part of the truck with the hoses where you can pretend to put out a fire. There is a fire pole, two story house that teaches you how to build a home fire safety plan etc. They also have lockers where you can put on all the gear - jacket, hats, gloves etc.

The Health Museum was really awesome too. They have a huge hands on area for kids and then there is the main museum area which has different interactive body education opportunities. I highly recommend going. There were kids of all age ranges and it didn't feel crowded. I also drowned Will (and everyone else) in anti-bac goop.

Meltdowns were already in progress so we left quickly and continued the party at my house for dinner, bath time and an early bed time.


  1. looks fun! will have to check out some of those spots. Also, for the record, when do we get some belly pics? Way to hide behind the Fire truck, lady! I wanna see that little girl! ;)

  2. Sounds so fun! I'll have to take the kiddos sometime!! Glad yall had a great day!!