Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Puking and IGG site

All good times must come to an end... After our fun-filled adventures Will ended up in the hospital with a stomach bug. The Sunday following our adventures we were doing Will's infusion. Sitting on the couch, Will complained of his stomach hurting, had some seriously disgusting gas and was just very unpleasant and overall grouchy. Shortly after we finished the infusion he puked, like everywhere.

Cleaned that mess up and started Will on Gatorade, pedilyte and some chicken noodle soup. That came up about 45 minutes later. We packed up and headed to the ER to get on fluids and avoid dehydration.

Good thing we went because he had 100.4 fever and threw up again in the ER. About 11:30 p.m. (after being in the ER for about five hours) we were admitted to the 10th floor at Children's Memorial Hermann. Will was pooped, but thankfully he didn't actually poop or worse yet have diarrhea all over the place. He also quit vomiting that evening and was able to fluids down.

Daddy dutifully holding on to some water and keeping the Gatorade bottles coming. So sweet, I don't think you can tell in this photo but Will's pinky is on Neil's hand.

We cut our losses in the ER about 11 p.m. and since I had gotten more sleep than Neil over the weekend he went home and I stayed with Will. Neil said it looked like a bomb had gone off in our house, and I'm pretty sure one had. He cleaned up all the nasty stuff and got all the dishes cleaned etc.

Turns out most of my family had a stomach bug within the past week. Even with the immuglobin (IGG) infusion to help boost his immune system this stomach bug still got him.

The following morning (Monday) he was on a clear liquid diet and kept it all down, asking for pancakes and real food. Thankfully the green jello made him pretty happy. We were told that we would be discharged later that afternoon (Monday) and Will was obviously excited.

Not exactly how I thought his first official day of pre-K would go, but whatever...

Empty bowl of green jello

Neil and I were talking up leaving that whole day (ERROR!). We both took him on trips around the floor and got him up and moving so his muscles and body wouldn't shut down any further. They kept him on fluids too and he was allowed to eat solids which we were happy about.

Yao Ming from the Houston Rockets was ultra life size on the wall; Will still ranked pretty high up there on the height chart :-)

Grilled cheese, veggies and chocolate ice cream.

Then the hammer came down... In addition to the stomach bug, his IGG needle site just looked really weird. Nothing like what previous sites looked like before. So after a few consultations in the hospital with his immunologist, she wanted to keep us there under observation to make sure the site wasn't creating other problems. Thankfully all his labs were coming back normal - or at least normal levels for him.

We begrudgingly agreed that it was the best thing. The IGG infusion he is on isn't a "mild" drug - it's very dangerous and any abnormal reactions should be taken seriously. So... we hunkered down.

Neil stayed the night in the hospital with Will and I went home to sleep. I also got the Lysol, spot shot, febreeze, vacuum cleaner and mop out to get all the puke bugs out. I was so glad Neil had gotten the cleaning going because I couldn't have imagined a full 24 hours going by with all that in the house.

So on Tuesday morning the IGG site looked much improved and Dr. Pacheco discharged Will, but we waited around for wayyy to long to get our discharge papers. We even had enough time for music class in the hospital. 

Overall, this hospital trip was easier than ones in the past. We were allowed to leave the room more and he wasn't as sick as he was in the past trips. We haven't been in patient for a long time and if this was our "blip" on the health front I'll take it.

Will had his shades on and was ready to roll long before I had even signed the paperwork. He and Neil were cruising around the floor while I waited in the room. He told Neil, "I don't ever want to come back here." Then very pointedly added, "OKAY?"

However, the ER nurse really butchered up his IV site. They had to do it twice and it was very unpleasant...


  1. Hes so precious!Mean 'ol ER nurse! :( Praying he doesnt have to go back for a very long time.

  2. That first pic is just heart melting. He is such a doll. The last pic, not so much. Poor poor boo. I am a "hard stick" so I know what those bruisy messes feel like. I hate he needs so many pokes. You, Neil, and Will are an awesome team!

  3. He cracks me up with the "Okay". I don't blame him though. Happy he's all better and home!!