Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I. Am. Pregnant. For. Real.

I am officially pregnant. Yes, I've been officially pregnant for like 30 weeks now, but reality is setting in.

I. Am. Pregnant.

I am due January 9. Which really is only like 10 weeks from now. That's nothing when you add in a trip to Disney, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I am moving from monthly appointments to every two weeks. I passed my glucose test, whoohoo! This baby girl is moving and kicking up a storm. You can see her kicking. She seems to like resting right on my bladder. I don't sleep well anymore. I can't get up and down as easily as I could just a few days ago. It's harder to breathe. I am carrying Tums in my purse. This baby is really coming.

The crazy thing is I feel so laid back about the whole thing. Maybe it's because we have experienced so much medical stuff that birthing a child, a second child, just seems less difficult. (HA!)

Some wonderful friends have given us some darling seasonally appropriate clothes. I dug through all of Will's old clothes and found some of the least offensive boy sleepers. I had picked generic bedding for Will, so we'll reuse that again. I went through all the blankets, burp cloths and other sweet little baby items and again, found the least offensive items.

The guest room to nursery transformation is taking place in early November. I have started a list of a few items I need to get - namely a baby wear sling type thing. I am going to need to be as hands free as possible to keep up with Will.

The only thing I'm trying to allow myself to worry about is work and ensuring that I have everything all buttoned up. I am avoiding thinking about just how the hell I am going to deal with a baby not inside my belly and Will. Life feels easy right now.

I must say, I am really focused on enjoying every minute of "just the three of us" time that is left. Last night Will was in such a great mood, we all ate dinner together and hung out. It was awesome. Just the three of us. It makes me sad and anxious to think that Will is not going to get my totally undivided attention whenever he (or me) wants it. But, it will be good for all of us.

Talking about the baby

Loving on my little guy


  1. I'm so excited to meet your little Lady Baby! And yes, it will be good for you to have another little one to share your attention- it's hard, but GOOD. I hope you guys have such a wonderful trip at Disney- what a fun way to celebrate your family of 3 before becoming 4!

  2. Really love that second picture:)

  3. the pictures are SO precious. you might call me crazy, but if you haven't done any professional pregnancy photos you might consider it. You are so beautiful with that big belly (even though I'm sure you probably feel huge in the 3rd trimester. I did!). My best friend badgered me about doing photos when I was pregnant with Vincent. I didn't do any with Milena. I just felt like a barge and was so self conscious about any pics with me remotely in them. I finally decided they would just be for me, but it could be a regret later so I did them. Hudson's mama is a hair and make up artist and she transformed me into some glamourous version of myself I didn't know existed. we drank wine and used my nice camera to take pictures. I felt so silly, but I treasure those pics now. I didn't do anything half nude (not my style) but I wore a tank top and jeans and took some really sweet photos. It feels weird to put yourself in the spot light like that (at least for me) but I'm glad I pushed myself out of the comfort zone on that one ;) Also I so relate to your feelings about the upcoming bundle. I remember very clearly feeling emotional about adding to our very content family of 3. Its hard to have mama loyalty to the one you haven't yet met. Its hard to imagine your heart will grow bigger. But it does. She will be such a blessing to all of you. Milena's relationship with Vincent is so special. Will is going to be such a fabulous big brother! I am so excited for you, Martins!! ;)

  4. Such an exciting time for you guys! I had a hard time with the guilt feeling for Abby too...I totally bawled when I told her she was going to be a sister because I thought she would end up resenting me for taking her out of the 'spotlight'. Now they are inseperable and I can't imagine life without the two of them. Enjoy the next few weeks...and Disney!