Thursday, October 3, 2013

Life in Photos

Life in Photos...

Eating fro-yo on a date with mom

Checking out his new Longhorn helmet - signed by Earl Campbell - thanks to an awesome event hosted by ChildBuilders!

New boots

Busted lip and swollen gum

Dress up birthday party - shockingly he chose his pirate costume from Halloween last year.

Wearing mommy's construction gear. Yup, it's been a full year since I quit my job at Edelman to venture on my own working with a commercial construction company. He has two of the three key items on - muddy boots and a safety vest. He's just missing the hard hat.

Getting new shoes to fit the new boots. Size 12.5 extra wide!

Drawing circles aka Mickey Mouse during OT

Getting ready for Disney World! Shhhh! Don't tell Will. His magic band is of course the orange one. It's going to be a party of 7 - us and both sets of grandparents!
Also - tune in tomorrow on MitoActions website, Friday, Oct 4 at noon EST.

Join us this Friday October 4th, 2013 with Dr. Ben Bronstein and Travis Wilson from Stealth Peptides. Stealth Peptides is a private biotech company responsible for the development of innovative mitochondrial therapeutics, including the investigational new drug "Bendavia." Bendavia has been studied in animals and is currently in Phase 2 studies in patients with cardiovascular and kidney diseases. Bendavia appears to target mitochondria and may preserve cellular ATP levels and prevent pathological reactive oxygen species formation in disease. 

Please join us to learn more about this exciting new drug and future possibilities for use of Bendavia by children and adults with mitochondrial disease.This meeting will be recorded and posted in MitoAction's iTunes podcast library. See more at:


  1. Hi! It's Erin, Elizabeth's friend from the beads of courage event. So great to meet you there and chat the night away! Great pictures of cute cute Will and I am so excited for your trip to Disney! What BIG fun!!!!!!

  2. Awesome pics! I'll even overlook the helmet choice. Come on Lori!! :)

    Love the wristbands. I've never seen those before.

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