Friday, December 20, 2013

The Next Step

I have had this "looming" feeling that we are quickly approaching a crossroads in our lives. Well, I know we are... It's just a weird feeling, not a bad one, but one that makes me anxious, excited, sad and fearful all at the same time.

In addition to adding another member to the family, we've been working on the next school step for Will. He turns five in April. An age I really wasn't sure we would achieve. After a lot of thought, research and trusting our gut, Neil and I made a choice for where we hope Will will go for Kindergarten and then on.

He has been in a Montessori program near our house and it's been awesome. The teachers are very loving and kind and they have kept him safe. We started Will in OT and Speech therapy nearly a year ago and have seen that type of intense 1-2-1 work really help him. We know he needs more than a public school system could give him so we have decided on a school for children with learning differences.

Learning differences means everything under the sun...

The application itself is a doozy.... 7 page application, 300 questionnaire via scantron, speech, OT, PT and neurologist reports and recommendation letters along with a 6 page current education backgrounder. I guess that's one way to see who is really serious about applying!

Class is lead by a Master's holding Lead teacher and is supported by one Bachelor's holding Para-educator. Additionally, a Speech Language Pathologist works with each classroom about 8-10 hours each week leading instruction, working in small groups, or individually with students. There are a maximum of 10 children in each class, and at least a 1:5 ratio is kept throughout the day.

We submitted the application and are number 3 on the wait list for the 2014/15 school year. The only remaining step is a cognitive evaluation which will be completed in early February. It's a four hour test, so pretty intense! We also will go through the interview process in person, including a day where Will would be in the classroom environment being observed. We should know something late March.

The admissions process, in my opinion, is pretty subjective. I've been told they build classes based on each individual child's strengths and weaknesses. It's not based on just one thing, or one score. Not like a Vanguard or Magnet school program where they need the smart kids. If only it was that easy.

If we are not accepted, I know we are going to be absolutely crushed... we really feel like this is the best environment for Will to thrive and be happy in. So, send up a prayer for us please. One thing is for sure, he does NOT need nor want to be home schooled. We would both go insane. :-)

When did my little baby get to be nearly five?


  1. He is such a precious peanut. I remember that age above. Back in Maria's class with his halloween pirate mustache. Love him! Parish is a great school according to my SLP friends who interned there. I can see why you want him to go there. Will make wishes for the best possible results!

  2. fingers crossed for you. this sounds like a great place for Will.