Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Fun Day

Happy Friday! Things are going ok over here...
Will - seems to be doing pretty good. Happy, healthy and enjoying being a big brother. He also is largely obsessed with playing football and soccer right now. His little antics are so adult like and he his expressions such as "Holy Cow" or "Let's Roll" "Can you Believe that" and my favorite one when Quinn started crying one time "Don't start that"
Quinn is doing pretty good too. Hard to believe she is 6 weeks old now. Apparently she has a nasty case of reflux as well as a milk protein digestion problem. So I have adjusted my diet to make sure I'm not eating any milk, butter, cheese etc. - basically anything with milk or milk products in it. It's been easier than I thought.
Some fun pics from the past few weeks... 
One of Will's favorite excursions - Sonic Happy Hour. He gets a special drink and is allowed to sit in the front seat and touch all the buttons. I think he could (and has) spent an hour sitting at Sonic.

Will just had to imitate dad. I think it's funny that Neil is using Will's ipad and Will is using Neil's phone.

Happy Valentine's Day! (Party at school)

And of course, our sweet little sister :-)
Who was not so sweet last night... what started with her waking up needing to get a burp out turned into a three hour cry/eat/sleep fest....
But made up for her antics this morning.


  1. Will is too cute!! I love the pic with Dad, so cute! Ryan also had issues with reflux! Once we started him on Prevacid, he was much improved! He got off of it after he was a year old, but every now and then I swear I hear it again! Hang in there!

  2. Hey lady, from one dairy free chick to another, if you are jonesin for a cheeselike product, give DAIYA a try. The rest are awful. I can't say DAIYA is like real cheese, but it works for me as something similar. There is a shredded kind you can add to pizza etc. and there is a more spreadable kind in a little tub. My kids like it too. Milena had reflux like crazy but I didn't do anything about it. I didn't know any better as she was my first kid, and I didn't want to put her on meds. It wasn't like I've heard from other moms where the baby is crying all the time, can't lay down flat,etc. it was mainly she would vomit her whole stomach multiple times a day down my back. Nice. I took a lot of showers and figured it was what it was. She didn't eat solid food until 9 months (would gag on it and throw it up) and Dr. Sears posits that kids with a proclivity to food allergies will delay solids and have a strong gag reflex as protection against early introduction of solids (which can heighten food allergies). She even gagged on pacifiers. I don't know if its true or not, but my girl doesn't respond well to dairy even now. Its not terrible as she gets older. I don't worry about cake, etc. but no ice cream and no cheese, etc. It works for us. If she has too much of it, she gets eczema, snores, and had ridiculous ear infections. In small amounts with no direct source (i.e. straight up yogurt, cheese, milk, etc.), she seems OK. Quinn and Will are ADORABLE. Love them on their devices! Modern family ;) Big hugs!