Friday, April 11, 2014

3 months old

Quinn bear is 3 months old... She's a pretty happy baby, loves to spit up and reflux and is enthralled with her big brother. All it takes is hearing his voice and she smiles.

Yesterday was the first day it has been warm enough not to wear pants and long sleeves. A great day to be outside too - if you can keep the pollen off you.

Will is still adjusting to sharing his mommy and daddy, but has gotten a lot better (thank goodness).

I'm still dealing with one middle of the night feed, about 2:30 a.m. but for the most part she is doing good. I think everyone will be a lot happier when her gut catches up with her age and the reflux stops.

We found a great part-time nanny to come a couple hours during the week as I have returned full time to my part time job. Quinn doesn't travel very well in the car, so it's especially nice when there are errands to run I can do them quickly and get all my work done.

Such adorable blankets handmade by Neil's great aunt Cal. I just love them.

Starting to grab, hold and put things immediately in her mouth. She loves her hands in her mouth and can usually get an entire fist in there.

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  1. she is absolutely adorable! loved seeing these pics!