Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Break 2014

So what if spring break was like a month ago? We had fun, not as much fun as last year's big adventure in San Antonio, but still fun.

Went to the Rodeo Kids Zone with the Cousins

Rode a pony of course

Dug in the dirt (random kid in the middle??)

Made lassos

Rode the train

Went to the rodeo at night with mom and dad

Watching the bareback riding. Will had a bit of a sensory overload = meltown. We ended up leaving early, at his request. We didn't see the bull riding, but he didn't seem to mind.

Got measure for new leg braces.

Went to the library.

Rode in the car at the grocery store. He asks non-stop to do this and this was the first time I agreed and there was an open cart like this.

Took pictures of random things with my phone. A current favorite of Will's.

Played with little sister

More photography by Will - this one was actually pretty good!

Did a good job in OT buttoning to make a crown.


  1. Precious pictures- that kid certainly is not lacking in personality!

  2. looks like fun...both of those kids are stinking cute! :)