Thursday, July 24, 2014

Life in photos

Quinn was baptized this past weekend! 

She wore a baptism gown that is nearly 70 years old. My mom and her siblings wore it, so did me, Will and now Quinn. Very special day. 

This is Will at his baptism... about the same age as Quinn. I'm pretty confident they are related... 

Quinn's two bottom teeth have come in - she's also been a little cranky after getting her 6 month vaccines, teething etc. She's 17 pounds now! 

Quinn is 6 months old now and Will finds every opportunity he can to be my big helper and introduce Quinn to new activities --- mostly activities that a 6 month old cannot do, but we help her do it anyways. 

Will is gearing up for his last day at the 3 R's and his first day at the Parish School. I'm trying to enjoy every leisurely spent morning - he usually doesn't get to school till 9 a.m. and Parish starts at 8:15 and includes a 25 minute drive. It's going to be a shock for all of us!

I want a bike like this for Will, but am not sure $4,000 is in our budget... ha! Neil and I are going to swing by the Abilities Expo at Reliant on Friday to see if an option like this exists. We think Will would LOVE to be able to enjoy riding a bike, but he likely will never have the coordination, stamina and balance to do so. So, we're going to figure something out for him. There are some very creative people out there. 

Sitting without support and getting stronger every time she does it. 
It seems like every day she has a new trick. 

Will thought this was hilarious... 

If you ignore the "I'm going to pout" face, you can see how he is doing with in occupational therapy with his handwriting. So very proud of him! 

And finally, I have three people who could really use some prayers...
-someone very close to me is going through a rough time. She's by far one of my favorite people on Earth and I pray for her to see the light at the end of the tunnel and that her future is full of happiness - even if it's a future she hasn't imagined yet.

-Cancer REALLY Sucks... For a wonderful woman who was recently diagnosed and they are in the process of figuring out what comes next. For a different family who is in the process of saying goodbye. And for my friend who is pregnant, and lost her mom to cancer a few years ago, may she find a way to share the joy of motherhood with her mom in heaven.

-my friend "Ms. Mustard" - she's a spunky little red head enduring some really scary and serious mito related illness in the hospital. Please pray for her and her family.

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  1. Hi! Finally catching up on your blog. (I'm not blogging anymore). Too swamped with school. But wanted to send you a link to a more economical choice of bike.

    We're looking at this, but my little chubby boy is already 50 lbs. :)

    More soon if I can locate my brain. Might pick your brain about Will's school (I'm building a special needs school model as my final doctoral project).