Friday, February 13, 2015

Beating the Odds

Define: "Beating the Odds"

Will is sitting on a backless swing, pumping his legs and making his body move. He couldn't do this at the beginning of the school year. He can today.

His teachers sent this to us and I can only imagine how proud they must be of Will; I am speechless. I can also imagine how nervous they must have been watching it :-)

I think the superhero cape and expression on his face is what really makes my heart burst wide open with amazement, joy and love. Will continues to amaze us with his kind heart and pure determination to do anything he sets his mind to doing.

This is what beating the odds looks like for us today. It might not look like that tomorrow or in a year, but for today Will is taking names and kicking booty.

We have a fundraiser coming up for Leigh syndrome; seeing this photo made me even more inspired to make it a success. We will do anything to make this happen every day for as long as Will's body will let him.


  1. Wow. Will, you are so awesome. No limits, buddy.

  2. Now there is a milestone that every kid LOVES to hit...I am so happy that Will got to do this. Keep it up Will!!

  3. You are truly an inspiration Will!! Keep it up big guy!! 💞

  4. Love!!!! Just in time for Valentine's Day:)