Friday, February 27, 2015

Life in Photos

Two kids, one crazy mom. Yup, she's still in her PJs and that list is moments away from total destruction. 

Birthday part at the Zoo! 

Will LOVES these things. "Silly guys" as he calls them. They always have one set up on the weekends at a mattress story and he loves to see if its out. Well, one day after I picked him up from school we happened upon FOUR silly guys in a parking lot. 
We had to drive by and Will wanted a photo to show his dad. 

Got boots and shoes off ready to go get weighed at the doctors office. 57 pounds and 4 feet tall and of course, he wore his favorite orange shirt. 

Our view from the doctors office included Rice University's athletic field. Neil and Will went with one of Neil's old college buddies to the Longhorn baseball game. It was so stinking hot that even with Will's cooling vest on they couldn't stay. Of course it was the warmest day of the year so far. 

Her love for construction and yard tools continues..  
She has figured out how to climb up on the couch and thinks it's hilarious to walk on the cushions. 
She also has figured out what a little pop on the booty feels like now.

Neil and I took Will out to an "adult" restaurant for dinner one night. He was so well behaved and you could tell he really was having a nice / fun time. 
Maybe this dessert is why his pants don't fit anymore. 

She loves to swing now! Will helped me push her since as Will said, "She doesn't know how to pump yet. I will teach her when she is older." My heart just melted. 

Showing off his pumping.

Will swallowed his first tooth and since then, two more wiggly teeth appeared. It seemed to be affecting his ability to pull off food and chew so one night we just yanked them out. It was traumatic. Neil got a taste of what it's like to be at the dentist with Will. The funny thing was after it was over Will acted like nothing happened and just was so pleased to be able to tell his teachers and friends about his new missing teeth. 

Hot chocolate on a cold day! 

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  1. Will will be the best swing coach ever. Also, if looks could kill, that receipt is definitely on its way to annihilation. Determined! ;)