Thursday, May 7, 2015

Longhorn mania

The Peterson's started trying to brainwash Will into liking UVA at an early age... They even tried getting their daughter involved... 

But Will stayed strong and kept reinforcing his own dad's brainwashing... Showing up at their kids birthday parties with Longhorn hats on. 

Finally, The Peterson's realized it was hopeless and contacted the University of Texas to explain that Will's love for the Longhorns far surpassed their wildest dreams. Especially after seeing Will's hospital room all decked out in Longhorn stuff. 

This football was delivered to Will from The Peterson's... complete with an autograph from Charlie Strong and Vince Young. 

This letter came with the football as well as some other Longhorn gear. You should zoom into the letter, it's amazing. 

And last but not least... Will received a phone call from Vince Young telling him to feel better and Happy Birthday. They talked for about four minutes... We googled Vince Young after we hung up so he could see some more pictures. He kept saying WHOA WHOA! That's sooo awesome. 

So, thank you Tahra, Craig, Caroline and James for making this little Longhorn (and his family) feel so special. 

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  1. Super cool - what amazing friends!