Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Happy 6th Birthday Will (like 2 weeks late)

Will turned 6 on April 24. I am a tad behind on the blog in general so Happy birthday Will!

We started the day with Morning with Mom at school... He wasn't into photos or me leaving his side, but it was fun. Apparently I am also very very old.

His teachers are really like second mothers, in my opinion. Amazing women.

Then he was able to do a Ninja Turtle themed birthday at school with his favorite things - chocolate and whipped cream. I forced in some strawberries.

Yes, that's a forkful of whipped cream.

The music teacher came by with balloons and guitar to lead everyone in singing Happy Birthday!

I took him home to rest and recover for his Mario Brother themed family party...

Smelling his new herb garden from aunt Lisa

Then on Saturday morning we did a small bowling party with a Longhorn theme. I have to give Bowlmor on Bunker Hill major kudos. When I made the reservation I asked if they could turn off the sound / lights/ TV on our lanes because a lot of Will's friends have some sensory issues. Will doesn't like loud stuff and also freaks a tad when there's too much to process.

When we arrived I found out they put us in the VIP room and we had our own little private party at no charge. It was really so awesome to have this area for the kids and adults to be contained, but yet freely moving around. No loud TV, music or strobe lights. It might sound like less fun to some to have it like that, but I think it was great for Will and his friends.

Sporting his very own bowling shirt from aunt Lisa

Thankfully she never found out how slippery the lanes are... 

The green balls are the lightest. The orange are much heavier; guess which color he wanted... 

Longhorn cupcakes! 

Trying out a new present.

I just can't believe he's already 6. It's like it's gone by in a flash.

Quinn is 16 months now. This is the exact same age when Will started doing physical therapy, wearing leg braces and using the SPIO suit. I look at Quinn and how she moves with such ease and ability. I think back to those days with Mr. George and getting Will to walk. I celebrated every single step.

The physical abilities between the two kids are night and day. I find myself watching Quinn, almost memorized, with how she moves. (I tend to ignore her moves when she throws herself on the floor in some sort of tantrum).

I still celebrate every single step Will takes because I know it could be his last. Especially after this last hospital visit.

Happy birthday Will! I love you forever and ever and always.


  1. sheila, josh, abby & austinMay 6, 2015 at 6:35 PM

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILL! Looking good:-D

  2. Happy 6th Birthday, Will! Such a handsome young man!!

  3. I want to go back in time and hug chunky baby Will....what a precious boy, today and then.