Thursday, April 16, 2015

Will's Sunflowers and a visit to school

We have been home now nearly a week; tomorrow marks one week since we ran out of the hospital. Around mid week Will started asking to play on the Wii and the iPad. He hasn't asked to play on either of these items for like two weeks. He's also asking for dessert. All these are good signs for us that he's feeling better.

He still isn't back to baseline, not sure how long it's going to take, but he's hanging in there.

Every day we've tried to get out of the house and do something... Target, dry cleaner etc. I think that's for both our sanity.

We've had two school friends come by which has been fun, but you can tell he's totally wiped out. He's found his favorite spot on the couch and spends a lot of time observing what's happening. He's definitely lucid and can tell you what day it is and what's happening the rest of the week, but during conversations he seems more spaced out.

His home speech therapist came over for a session and gave me a good example of what I'm talking about. She showed him a picture of a girl playing Frisbee on the beach and she asked Will "what is the girl doing" he said, she's playing in a sandbox. So he's in the right category, but not necessarily the right word. He doesn't do this all the time, but it's a good way to explain some of the disconnectedness we see. Also, his thought process is in tact, but it's difficult for him to describe his thoughts in full sentences.

The speech is much improved, but just trying to illustrate what's going on.

From a PT / gross motor standpoint he's tiring easily but we keep working on maintaining his strength so that when he's back in action he still has the actual physical ability to move around.

Minus needing a haircut, he's doing pretty amazing.

Today Will visited his friends at The Parish School and brought special snack, sat on circle for reading time and then visited all the front office staff. Someone called him the Mayor of The Parish School.
Special snack.

Reading on circle with friends

Saying goodbye; we'll be back for a visit next week.

I couldn't quite get the angle right with the stroller and pot, but this is a special sunflower pot that the nature learning teacher painted and potted for Will. It say's "Will's Sunflowers" on it. It's right out side his building and near the bed of wildflowers he and his class planted the week before he got sick. He was QUITE pleased to see his name and this special flower. I also thought the sunflower was such a great pick - he is my ray of sunshine every day. Even when he is wining for me to get off my computer and play the Wii. 

Thank you again to all the special friends, surprises, food drops, wine and dessert drops (!) and the outpouring of support for Will. He's probably going to surprise us all and beat this thing super quick. 

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  1. I'm happy to see Will is getting better. You guys are amazing parents and are so strong. Love and miss you Wiggles! ❤️-Ms.Cindy