Monday, April 6, 2015

Still in the hospital - update

It really never gets easier watching your child be put to sleep...
At any rate, he did great.

Will finished around 1:15 pm with the spinal tap and MRI.
He is still sleeping off the antheshia. Everything went really well and he has great color.

We will be here another night for sure.

Minus an IV blood clot issue and having to swap hands for his IV it's been pretty smooth sailing... All things considered.
He was NOT happy... Sweating from trying to fight off four women - story of his life I'm sure, fighting off all the ladies.

Dr Koenig wanted to do the spinal tap to make sure nothing else is going on as well as see if they can figure out what virus got in his brain and maybe there is some medicine to help. Otherwise we just wait and rest. It's like his brain has a cold and there is no cure for the common cold.

Since the "fast /awake" MRI wasn't the best, but did provide some good slides, dr Koenig wanted a good MRI since he had to be under anyways. I am very hopeful that the new MRI will only confirm this diagnosis and not offer any new unpleasantries.

He is trying so hard to be happy but is really ready to go home. We are in isolation right now so no stroller rides or hall walking.

Thank you for the prayers and amazingly kind gestures of kindness, support, food! and surprises for Will.

Will post more once we know more. Keep praying.
Thank you all!

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