Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Last night we had some visitors and Will seemed to enjoy visiting. His teacher brought cards and artwork which really was so sweet! 

Our friends brought us all dinner, including Neil at home!

As we headed to bed the nurse came to do night check vitals and decided his IV arm was looking puffy and hard. The IV had to come out and be replaced on the other arm. I am hoping this one works because it's very traumatic for him.

Had a good night sleep for the most part.

He didn't eat a great breakfast but it seemed about the same amount of food he's been tolerating at each meal. 

Got a call from Neil that sweet Quinn woke up with a fever. I guess she was feeling left out. 

Got her an appointment at the pedi just in case. 

Meanwhile, I made Will get up and walk around a bit then go for a stroller ride. He did marginally better than yesterday which is all I can ask for.

Neil's parents came for a visit today and thankfully we were able to make it all work for not having any of our kids be left alone!

The pedi team decided to move Wills care level down, meaning he won't have to be monitored as closely and he's gone from IMU to general. This means he will have to move rooms.

So he will be packing up and moving to the 10th floor. I'm not pleased with this because I don't think it's right to up and move a child who is scared and overwhelmed to a totally new room. But some other kid on the ER needs Wills bed. So alas we are just one small cog in the healthcare machine of churn. Everyone really tried to not move him but they have a full house. 

Meanwhile I've been home with Quinn today. Apparently she's got a stomach virus... she puked this morning before the pedi then again as she woke up from nap. This was right after I showered of course 😄

Hoping it's some quick and not easily spread 24 hour bug.

Will seems to be in better spirits. He's ready to play some air hockey tomorrow! 

Thank you again for all your love and support. Our friend Tahra has started a food drop calendar. Please email her at if you would like to . 

Will update more as we know.

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