Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday in patient

I am going to post on this entry throughout the whole day....

Neil said his night was decent, awake from about 3-6 am.

He ate a decent breakfast.

I arrived this morning to a huge smile and a much more alert little guy.

My mom is here visiting today.

We are off isolation.

He went for a short walk in his leg braces. He needed a lot of support and didn't not like having to walk. Got to keep those legs moving!

After the walk we got in his stroller and walked to see a fish tank. He seems totally wiped out now.

Still very ataxic, slurring words and having a hard time focusing, but I am seeing my little wiggles come back to us!

We got Wills second dose of 'roids this afternoon.

His symptoms haven't improved but his attitude and "Will" sly, spunky guy attitude is slowly coming back.

He decided he didn't like his ID band and took it off. He and my mom decided his new name is Joe. He thought that was hilarious and carried his joke through with some visiting medical students.

He finally gave it up and took a nap late afernoon.

We made a calendar for each day we are here with a checklist of things we should do every day.

We saw an air hockey table and put it on the calendar for Thursday.

Going for a walk is on every day... He just gets wiped going to the bathroom.

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