Friday, July 3, 2015

Will Goes to Camp

Maybe I'm OCD or just a big planner, but I knew this summer would be the first summer I didn't have something for Will to do. I was pretty nervous. I might appear to do fun things with my kids, but I can't do that full time nor do I have the stamina and ideas for it. Plus, I work part-time, thankfully from home, and while I have a lot of flexibility I still have to work.

I also knew I couldn't just send Will off to a day camp and expect things to go smoothly. So, I found a camp that would work with us and who would let us send an aide with Will daily. This week he started art camp at a place in our neighborhood called Mad Hatters - they do year round dance and art classes, but during the summer they have a two week camp program from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

I have heard amazing things about the program from a friend and Will's PT's kids also have attended. She thought with the support of an aide he would be great.

Day 1 was pretty hard. While Will hasn't been diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder, he definitely has some sensory overload moments. Who doesn't? He is not a fan of chaos or loud noises. (Or stuffed animals haha).

Day 1

Day 1 - with his aid, Chantel! Who happens to be his art teacher at school.

Coming from a school with a max of 10 kids in your class and the whole school having about 140 kids, this art camp is a big change. They have about 120 kids attending and 20 kids per group. That's a lot of noise :-)

With a few modifications for Day 2, including some noise cancelling headphones Will was having a blast. So much so that he signed up for the daily talent show. He decided to tell knock knock jokes. With a little help from Chantel I think he did an amazing job.


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  2. Will, you are such a rock star! Well done! No stage fright. Like a boss, buddy!!