Friday, August 21, 2015

Drama Camp and the rest of Summer

Will also did a drama camp this summer at a local theater, HITS. They were amazing and so incredibly accommodating to anything Will needed.

This camp was 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. all done in the comfort of air conditioning during the last two weeks of July. The kids auditioned, then learned and performed two shows of "Into the Woods Jr. "

They also provide a CD for you to learn all the songs on at home. Let's just say we're still listening to that damn CD in the car and I can't get it out of my head. It was a pretty serious camp, not what I was expecting. They wanted the kids to be "off book" by certain dates. Meaning all lines memorized. Some of those kids were probably "off book" by the second day haha. 

Anyways, Will was cast as the "Mysterious Man" and ended up with the perfect role. The mysterious man pretty much lurks on stage the entire time, while sitting in a chair. He had quite a few lines and ended up being a pivotal role at the end. 

They helped Will do all the "dancing" but from his chair. Ms. Ann is so petite you can't even see her hiding behind his chair on stage. 

Ms. Ann (the assistant from his class) was able to be his aide at camp every day. She helped him navigate stairs and other obstacles and ensure he was safe. She too still has these songs stuck in her head, as well as all the lines she had to memorize to "feed" Will his lines during the performance. 

The plot was a weird mirror to our life... The baker and his wife are trying to have a baby and they can't, there is a wicked spell cast by a witch and in the end, the mysterious man dies. I read the script and it took all I had not to just cancel going to this camp because I had no intention of watching Will die during a play! But, I'm glad we stuck it out. Will really seemed to enjoy it and he was hilarious. 

And, thankfully, when Will died it at the end of the play, it ended up being a humorous part. 
(Will starts talking around :30 seconds and then has his "big scene" around 1:15)

Ms. Ann and Will's speech therapist, Ms. Heidi helped Will with memorizing his lines and speaking them as clearly and as loudly as he could. I really don't know how some of the kids did all that singing. It was super quick and a lot of complicated words at times. 

Ann told me that the camp teachers told the other kids they needed to talk as loud as Will is talking. I still am in awe that he just jumps up on stage and doesn't appear to be nervous or worried about doing any of it. 

He also was the opening line of the play! 

After one of the performances we did a little celebration back at the house. I think he was quite pleased with himself. 

The awesome Ms. Ann AKA the "mysterious woman" :-)

As for the rest of the summer.... We spent a lot of time inside, trying to avoid the "heat dome" that landed over Houston. 

Playing with construction tools

Teamwork - Quinn's favorite food is food pouches. Hey, don't judge :-) 

Some indoor play dates

Hair cut and a sonic trip

Quinn got pretty proficient at aggressively throwing putting items into the cart one weekend at multiple grocery stores, guess she was practicing at home too.

Spent a lot of time in basketball shorts and either shirtless, or muscle shirts. 

Final summer Menchies trip... in a muscle shirt of course.

Quinn helping Will with his back pack for back to school. 

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