Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Long Gone Lazy Days of Summer

The lazy days of summer were sucker punched this morning when my alarm went off. 

Will's first day of first grade is here. After about a five month summer, including the time off from the brain bug, I am feeling rather lonely and sad this morning. My constant companion (Will) and our sidekick (Quinn) are all at school today. 

I really hope this is a good year for Will. We are so lucky to have his old teacher and assistant move up to the next level with Will and are his teachers again this year. At The Parish School they don't really give you a grade level, but they name the classes. This year Will's class name is Superhero's - quite fitting if you ask me. 

It's just a HUGE relief not to have to explain Will and all that comes with it... we already have systems in place for everything! They even have been able to figure out some alternative activities for Will to do during the long after lunch recess. While recess is important, it just wastes a lot of energy that could and should be reserved for paying attention in class. It also seems like Will is a slower eater and needs some extra time to digest what he ate before it makes a real difference in his energy level. Having time to rest his body after lunch and recharge for the afternoon should help. 

It's a class of ALL boys! 10 to be exact. We had meet the teacher on Tuesday and he was less than excited. Clung on to my like we were super glued together. The class seems like a nice group of kids and families. 

Thankfully, this morning he was ready to go. Unbuckled his seat belt and tried to jump out of the car. Ms. Ann was in carpool this morning and got him into the wagon (previously named the Zebra Express for his old class, we'll see what sort of superhero theme is applied this year!)

He wanted Dad to do his hair this morning :-)

"Hey mom, let's do a crazy photo." Of course Quinn had to get in on that action! 

Patiently riding to school. 

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