Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Little man's liver

Will's liver levels are back to normal!

He's still a little "off" but is making a nice recovery. When Will starts to lose his balance he compensates by taking steps backwards. This can result in some nasty falls, but thankfully he isn't falling as much and seems to be doing less stumbling around.

He's been going to school for about 2 hours every day this week. Next week, we'll try to do half days - so I'll pick him up after lunch. I really want to "ease" back into school so his stamina and endurance has a chance to catch up before cold and flu season.

Just a little PSA on cold and flu season... if you choose to get the flu shot and you are around Will or other immune compromised kiddos, please consider doing the flu SHOT and not the MIST. The mist is actually a LIVE strain of the flu, meaning it's communicable to those who may have a harder time fighting illnesses. Not looking for a debate on vaccines, just simply asking those who decide to do the flu shot and for those who are around Will to please consider doing a flu SHOT, not the mist.

A few pics from the hospital...
Playing the drums, one handed and with his left hand at that!

My incredible hulk dealing with an IV and other unpleasantness. 

A visit from Mike - Will was more animated during Mike's visit than he was the four miserable days we were in the hospital. 

Will made a friend, "G" was quite possibly one of the sweetest kiddos we've ever met. They shared a love of playing the Wii and being highly informed on all that is happening. There also was another new friend we met who also has mito. Will and "M" went to a puppet show together one evening.  

More than halfway there!

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