Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Lollipops for everyone

Quinn has had a bad run here lately. Her second ear infection in August and now.... strep throat in September.

She spiked a temperature this weekend and has been sporting a snotty nose for a bit too. I kept her home today and took her to the doctor.

She tested positive for strep. After a fun filled two hour visit we left and picked up Will.

While en route to car pool, I checked in with his immunologist. She said go get him tested and called in some antibiotics just in case. So... Will hopped in and back to the pedi we went. He ZERO symptoms - no fever, runny nose, cough, throat pain etc. But, tested positive for strep as well.

The doctor thought maybe his throat looked a little red, but she never would have diagnosed it as strep. I am just so relieved he doesn't have symptoms and we were hopefully able to nip this in the bud. Please say a quick prayer for Will that this is as far as it goes for him and that the antibiotics do their job.

So after I got medicine, the kids fed, bathed and in bed I headed to a doc in the box and was tested. The biggest shocker of all, I'm negative! So relieved. I figured I would have it too and it would just further complicate our lives.

I have spent the better part of the past 24 hours just troubleshooting how this would all work out and just sort of panicking. I'm relieved that we know what's going on with Quinn and I guess relieved to know that for now, Will seems to be okay.

He had a great morning at school, then a pretty bad afternoon. I also feel terrible having even sent him to school, but I didn't know so I can't fix that. One big indicator something is off with him is not only his energy level, but his coordination - or lack thereof. We have seen a little fatigue and slightly more balance issues but nothing alarming.

At any rate, after holding both kids down for their throat swabs it was lollipops for everyone.... I think the nurse felt horrible after doing Will's and left the entire basket just for him.

Will was so upset after his; I don't think I prepared him for it very well and he sort of kept falling apart the rest of the day. 

It was everything from not being able to kiss Quinn, to missing his show and tell tomorrow, to wanting to use my phone while it was charging. He also was really angry at the CVS drive thru line and how the cars were taking forever. He basically said and acted exactly how I wanted to do :-) 

(He will be able to do show and tell a different day!)

I should note, I'm also shocked Quinn didn't somehow manage to choke on that lollipop. At least we were in hands reach of multiple CPR trained staff so I just let that one go. She licked it till it tasted like cardboard. 

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