Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Us

For our five year anniversary (July 15) Will decided to give us a great gift - a trip to the ER and subsequent hospital stay on July 13 - 15. Our gift was he was discharged :-)

Background: Right now, Will has four abnormal spots on his brain. His doctor calls them "stroke spots" - it's not exactly the best description because it's easy to assume what a stroke is - his is a little different. Just go with me on that one... Anytime Will gets a viral infection - fever, vomiting, diarrhea etc.or even gets extreme exposure to temperature variations (hot /cold) it could cause another stroke. Eventually his brain will experience too many strokes and will not be able to recover. So for example, if he gets sick it takes him a lot longer to get his legs back to where they were at. Likely the same could be said for chewing and so on.

There is evidence that if you can get fluids started at the onset of the infection, it might help reduce or eliminate the stroke from happening. So, suffice to say, when little buddy gets a temp, we're off to the ER.

In this particular instance on July 13, Will had a temp that ended up spiking to 104.1 in the ER and then vomiting later that night. I made it from work (downtown)  to day care (in the Heights) to the ER in the med center in about 45 minutes - a small win for the day. Of course, I was going to do a trial run to the ER that coming weekend, Will just decided we should do trial by fire. Overall, everything went well. Will was a trooper and acted like quite the King of the pedi floor. A little boy in his class at school had the same illness, so we're guessing that's what he caught too.

So, you might wonder, did Will have a stroke? Well, we think likely so, but you can't be sure without and MRI. Since he has to be put under anesthesia, we won't be doing many more MRIs. Now, a week later, he seems to be back to his old self and his walking substantially improved!

Wearing Aunt Lisa's sunglasses got Wiggles smiling in bed! That, and he didn't have to wear any clothes for two days!


  1. What a cutie patootie!! Sorry yall had that scare but so glad he's doing well now!!

  2. You forgot to mention his baby! As scary as the trip to the ER was, I really enjoyed hanging out with him. He kept us pretty entertained with the food plate!

  3. Thanks Kristin! From what I understand this ER/hospital stuff is here something we'll be repeat customers with.

    Lisa, I will try to post a picture of Will's baby. He's pretty funny with baby dolls and real babies! At the baptism this past weekend he kept trying to help feed James!

  4. What a little ham bone! He's so adorable! I'm sorry yall had such a scare. Just know we are all praying for him every day!

  5. THose are actually Aunt Julie's sunglasses :) We need to get some more interesting items for Will to play with, I think he will get bored of playing with the lid to his NASTY meatloaf!!!