Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Month in Pictures

So, it's been nearly a month since Neil and I got back from our first vacation away from Will since he was born, and then found out he has Leigh's Disease. I thought for this post pictures would probably be more entertaining than words.... So, "Say Cheeeesssseee!!"

Puerto Rico!

Hanging out with cousin Carson!

A visit to Keemah Boardwalk with Grandpa and Grandma Martin

We made a visit to Bass Pro Shops and came across the 4 Wheelers. As a child Neil loved riding 4 Wheelers with his friends. Seeing Will on a 4 Wheeler left me with a lot of mixed emotions. I think we both have thought how much fun it would be for Will one day (with a helmet of course) to ride. I hope we get to see that one day. Either way, I will always remember he had a great time "riding" a 4 Wheeler.

So much fun, that we had to try...

... a PINK one!

We wrapped up the month of July celebrating four birthdays! Uncle Justin, Aunt Julie, Grandpa and Papa! Will had his favorite dish - ICE CREAM - for dinner. Hey, what are you gonna do?

I referenced in the previous post that we do believe Will had a stroke after his temp and vomiting experience on July 13. We've been watching closely to see if and how he would bounce back physically. Good news there, it does seem like he is back to his old self. He's more sturdy and stable than he was when we got home from the hospital and continues to improve.

We also hope / think we dodged a bullet this week. Will had some snotty green stuff and a low grade temp one night this week (that doesn't qualify an ER visit, but rather close monitoring). After a lot of Nose Frida, humidifier action and fluids he seems to be just snotty, rather than green snot - which is REALLY good. Just need to keep watching him (and the snot, ew).

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  1. I loved seeing the lil Booger (seems like the appropriate word)! I like all of the pictures too...though there are a few missing...I think you know the ones...think 80s Band! ;) Love, Lisa