Friday, June 22, 2012

The Rocket

Multi-part story here... It's a good way to end the week!
Part 1: For Will’s third birthday in April two of our good friends and Neil’s fellow Longhorn alum, Jody and Parcell, gave Will a UT orange baseball bat with his name on it. We all loved it (even though I went to A&M) and Will really liked to hammer the bat on the floor.
Part 2: We have a really great street of neighbors; there are three in particular that Will loves to visit – Ms. Kathleen, Mr. Marvin and Ms. Stacey. He’s like the busy body of the street. Points out when someone’s car is there or gone, always wants to visit, asks if he can go see their pets and so on.
Part 3: Ms. Stacey happened to be part of Roger Clemens trial team. She does all the visuals that are used during a trial - exhibits and so on. Clearly she's awesome. We asked if she thought it would be ok to ask Roger Clemens if he would sign Will’s new bat. She said, “sure!”
She’s been in DC for a long while now and came back after the case went to the jury. Our schedules finally matched up for the day after he was acquitted! We went over to her house and picked up the bat. Will was definitely having a tired day and had a bit of an attitude, but we were excited.
When I shipped the bat to DC, I included a note to Roger Clemens explaining our situation and thanking him for signing the bat. Stacey said that he read the letter aloud to the trial team and his wife at lunch on the day he signed the bat.
So, not only do we have an awesome bat, but now Roger Clemens has heard of Mitochondrial disease! Maybe one day it will become more than just knowing about it.
Thank you Roger Clemens, Ms. Stacey, Jody and Parcell for giving Will an incredibly awesome gift!
I left our camera at my office so the pictures are from the cell phone, not great quality, but you get the idea.

The big reveal

Checking out the personalized message from The Rocket to Will

The autograph

Giving us some attitude.

Finally! A smiling happy picture of all of us.

 Excuse all the "devil" eyes - I couldn't get the editing "red eye" option to work.


  1. that's really cool - and I love his grumpy face!

  2. That is amazing!!! Fun day for everyone!

  3. How cool is that!?! I think the attitude face is the best ever. Will has it down perfectly especially with his eyes! Made me laugh out loud. Ms. V