Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Saturday Night & Sunday

Much thanks to the awesome Andre, Bridgette and Cooper clan for hosting us for the night and giving us what is likely the best tour of the area you could have in under 24 hours. Anyone who knows this family knows they know how to do it up right!
They whisked us away from Bethesda and Mito-land off for beer, crabs and fun. We headed for Annapolis, Maryland to Cantlers for some Maryland blue crab. I think my favorite part was watching their son Cooper, who is about four months younger than Will, crack crab. It was hilarious and sweet.
There was not only a wait for a parking spot, but about an hour and a half wait for a table. Again, the K's know how to do it right and had prepared four tailgaiting chairs and a cooler of beer.
I was finally relaxed!
After that we did the driving tour of Maryland’s capitol and we went back to their home in Vienna, Virginia.
Spilled Pina Colada would never go to waste with our crew!

Cutie pie Cooper!

Behind us is Chesapeake Bay

Maryland Bluecrab with Old Bay seasoning!

Let's get cracking people!

The next morning came too quick and we ate some breakfast and then packed up for DC. It was so sweet, they got Neil and Father’s Day card and again, loved watching Cooper’s reaction to the musical card. Neil’s was pretty good too.
We did part 1 of the driving tour of DC then ventured off for brunch / lunch at Old Ebbit’s Grill. It’s so close to the White House that we walked over for some pictures. We found a gift shop and got a little book on DC for Will.
Then we went on for part 2 of the driving tour and off to the airport. Thanks again to the K’s for the awesome trip. I’m glad we were able to visit them while on their corporate tour of duty.
I was ready to be home and I think Will was too. He spent the week with Neil's parents and the weekend with my parents. I know he had a blast and so did we, but there is nothing like being home all together.

In front of the White House

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