Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Last year, our Christmas tree lights didn't go quite as planned. The bottom portion of our tree just didn't light up. This year we bought all new lights, just not enough. So after a second trip to Home Depot we officially have lights that work ALL over the tree. Quite an exciting feat around here.

For whatever reason, maybe because it was like 90 degrees outside when we decorated the tree, we didn't whip out the camera. However, Neil managed to catch a few shots from his iphone.

Will was very intent on helping, more than last year (if that's even possible). He was very serious about getting the ornaments on the tree and making sure that his two favorite's, in order - a merry-go-round and a Santa bell that jingles - were at his eye level.

Final touches
I'm also VERY happy to report that we will get to see every single person on both sides of our family on Christmas Day. I don't know why this makes me so excited, but it really does.
Will helped me order some items online this weekend, one in particular for our new cousin, Baby Sophia (Neil's brother and his wife). He has asked me to pull up the photo of the gift multiple times and he is soooo excited to have Baby Sophia come over. This kid needs a sibling :-)


  1. Lori, Neil and Will,
    Merry Christmas from Caroline and James's Nene and Pops in Virginia! How special to share Christmas with everyone in your family and you certainly have a handsome little "elf"! Have a wonderful Christmas and I hope I see you when I am back in Houston.
    Trisha Edwards

  2. Beautiful! Will looks so cute decorating it.

  3. Thank you so much for taking time to share your thoughts and info on EPI-743. I am not holding my breath...on the contrary, I am doubtful we will ever be able to get our hands on it the way things are going. I am not holding out on it, but not giving up until the door is closed. Will keep up with you guys!! Prayers, CL

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