Monday, February 18, 2013

A minor update

I'm happy to report that we do not have much to report on...

Will has been doing good health wise, so we're very happy about that.

The SubQIVG continues every week and he usually manages it just fine. I'm sure having adult friends come over for the "infusion party" and getting to picnic in the living room is helpful.

We're starting OT and Speech for Will in the next few weeks. We've already done some evals, just waiting for signatures, approvals etc. to come through from doctors and insurance companies. I'm really excited to see where this heads. Preparing him for the next school step.

The other "big" thing on my mind right now and that I'm starting to research is the - what's next for Will question - as it relates to school.

Since he was diagnosed, I've had a really hard time seeing him past the age of five. So much so that I just didn't really even think about it nor expect us to get there, or be where we're at.

Well, the booger's going to turn 4 in April and that gives me about a year to figure this out (and barely a month to figure this birthday party thing out). Sounds like plenty of time, but when you add in life, work, other Will stuff - well, I need to start now.

I attended a really interesting seminar presented by The Arc of Greater Houston this week called Special Education 101. They walked us through the legal options a child is required to receive if part of the public school system. It really helped give me perspective of what a private versus public school is required to offer. Essentially private schools don't have to do anything. I called had called a private school that I liked a lot, but the feedback I got back after speaking with two people is that essentially they can't even remember the last time a special needs kid attended their school. Hmfp. I'm still going to do a school visit because I really like them, but I have a better perspective going into this now.

The really complicated part is we first have to decide public or private. Then if we pick public, our goal is to move to a different house with a different school district. So that also adds in a choice of moving... AG! I would love to stay in our house for a longer time, but I do not want to start this special education process all over again with another school, school district, principal, etc. Not to be whiney, but it's going to be a lot of work, a lot of bootie kissing and most importantly a stressor on Will - none of which I want.

Just a lot of things to consider, research and factor in to our ultimate goal of giving Will a safe and secure environment to be successful in.

Meanwhile, he continues to thrive in the environment he is in right now and I don't even want to think about him leaving.

Will in gymnastics... He just finished his turn and decided to be like Mr. Glass. He literally knelt down just like him and started shaking his head and repeating what Mr. Glass was saying. I almost fell out of my little chair laughing.

The weather has been hit and miss lately, but when it's a hit we hit the sidewalk for sidewalk chalk, bubbles and yelling hi to everyone on the street.


  1. Glad to hear Will is doing well! We are in the process of putting our house on the market all in hopes of changing school districts. I agree, not ready to leave my current house behind!

  2. I have been such a slacker on comments lately but I thought that pick of Will copying Mr. Glass, was so funny, so I've been meaning to come back to this post to comment. They are sure characters sometimes! I am glad Will is doing well and I do not envy you on the whole moving to a better school district choice...I hope something will fall into place that works great for Will. Abby goes to private Pre-K at her "daycare" and they also have private Kindergarten...does Will's current place offer that? You could at least get one extra year's procrastination out of that;)

  3. We have had the BEST experience with public school. I know that isn't the case for everyone, but from day one K has been cherished and well cared for. I hope you guys find the same for Will.