Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

My mom brainwashed my child for Valentine's Day this year. Neither Neil or I could convince Will to make us his Valentine. Only "my DeeDee" was the automatic response. I even tried to bribe him with dessert.

I never imagined my life could be this full of love, but it is. We celebrated the Hallmark made holiday with our weekly infusion party at the house and a picnic in the living room. And ladies, Dr. Love is 'da house in case you are still looking for a Valentine.

After we got home from school and his Valentine's Day party.

The infusion party was extra special because we went through all of Will's Valentine's Day loot. But he is not nearly as happy as he was when he got home.


  1. Dr. Love- I love it! Happy Valentines day to your sweet family!

  2. How is he doing with those infusions? Is he used to it? Are you used to it? It sounded so intense when you first explained it. But Will takes everything like the boss that he is. He is amazing. Love his doctor love shirt! So cute that DeeDee is his valentine. Love it!