Friday, April 26, 2013

Four Year's Old!

Will hit the big 4 years old on Wednesday! It's hard to believe he is getting so old, big and independent. He cracks me up every day and I treasure each moment I have with him. Even when he is picking his nose and lip. (GROSS!)

Right now some of Will's favorite things are COWBOYS!, Barney (still...), any sort of sporting thing, the Longhorns, construction / yard stuff like gardening or mowing and anything that involves using scissors. He still is my big helper around the house, always trying to help with the dishes or chores. He has perfected folding a washcloth.

Where has the time gone? I just want to put all of us in a bubble and time warp to this place and stay here.

We celebrated his birthday with a cowboy themed party. Note, according to Will if you even put on a belt even with gym shorts you are officially a cowboy. I don't fight that notion except on PT or gymnastic days.

One of his awesome teachers at school, Ms. Maria, and her mom turned Will's cooling vest into a cowboy vest. Will typically has a major fit when he has to wear it, so hopefully now he will enjoy it more. I have my serious doubts though, he just doesn't like it.4

Every cowboy needs a horse

And a petting zoo. He opted to just ride the horse, A LOT, and stay out of the petting zoo. Not a fan based on some of the shrieking I heard.

Cowboy cake and cupcakes, thanks again to my mom and sister's for helping me make and bake all these goodies.

Singing Happy Birthday!

Did I mention he loved the pony?
He dove right into his gifts after the party and promptly put on his new Astro's hat.

Fast forward to his birthDAY and he brought special snack at school. I'd say he enjoyed that chocolate cake.

Hugs for the birthday boy from his cousin

One of the special things they do at school for the 4 and 5 year old birthday's is the family gets to come in and Will shows pictures of himself from age 1, 2, 3, and 4 to all his friends. Then, the gets to carry the globe around the "sun" each time to signify a year. Then at the end everyone sings Happy Birthday. You could tell he thought he was THE most awesome kid that day. He got his birthday crown, special snack, all eyes on him for showing his photos.
Ms. Monica pointed to the globe and asked Will what it was called. He replied, "the orange continent" - she was pointing exactly to it. Now you know what I'm up against every day :-)

MORE birthday cake at home that night after dinner with both sets of grandparents.

He has been growing so much and so fast lately, that all he got for his birthday from us were clothes. Literally, his pants are all high waters. Thank goodness his boots keep him warm on these random chilly days we've been having in April.

The redeeming moment of the night was getting Aunt Lisa and Tom's card in the mail. It had a sword you could blow up and play with. Whew! Finally, a toy.
For a long time, I couldn't see Will past the age of 5. Now, I just feel so blessed to have what we have every day. I no longer put a time stamp on things, but just try to enjoy him, our life together and all the crazy stuff that fills up the day. I am so incredibly proud of everything he has accomplished. He works SO hard to do just half of what other kids can and he does it with a smile and joy in his heart. I love you Will, forever and ever and always.


  1. such a gorgeous boy! I love the pic of his hug with Carson. That face says it all. Will is such a joyful little guy. I'm so glad to know him and you.

  2. Awesome birthday!! Happy 4th Will!!