Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Break 2013

The missing spring break post that I have been writing for about two weeks now...

I never realized how "big" spring break was until Will was at a more appropriate age for fun stuff. This year we decided to go visit Neil's parents in San Antonio and visit friends as well as some of San Antonio's biggest attractions (apparently along with the rest of Texas).

Before we left town, we went to the Houston Rodeo with my sisters and nephews. It was a lot of fun and a great way to start the break.

The hat really did not fit, but Will was adamant about wearing it.

We headed to San Antonio after the Rodeo to have a lot of fun new experiences with Will...
First stop was Morgan's Wonderland an adventure park for differently abled bodied kiddos. This place is amazing - clean, well organized, and just gives me a lot of faith in humanity. If you are looking for a place to go have fun - wheelchair or not - Morgan's Wonderland is a spectacular place.
Riding the train with his "San Antonio girlfriend, Anna"

Driving the speed boats

Grocery shopping in the sensory village

Merry go round
We ventured out apparently with the rest of Texas and San Antonio to Sea World. We arrived at least 10 minutes before the park even opened and the line of cars was about a half mile backed up. The weather was cool and this mom of the year didn't pack a jacket. Thankfully our friends Sheila and her cute kiddos brought Will one. I think all of our kiddos were done with all the photo taking and we couldn't get them to smile... at least all together. 

Abby and Will in the wagon with baby bro Austin riding in the "back cab" haha

The stinky aquarium

We also had time to hit up the Natural Bridge Cavern's Safari. Essentially you go through a four mile route in your car and the animals are literally, right there in front of you. We didn't know what to expect, but had a blast.

Neil feeding a zebra

This crazy ostrich wanted to get into the car, but moved on after we rolled the window up.

Petting zoo at the end of the safari
Did NOT want to touch this "mama llama"
We managed to make it to some of our favorite San Antonio eating spots, saw some wonderful friends and family. We were able to just have a lot of fun with Will. Granted, it was a lot of work and travel, but worth every second of it. I just love him so much and am so happy that we were able to spend five wonderful days with our buddy just having fun. Did I mention we had fun? 

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  1. We basically had the same Spring Break. Rodeo, SeaWorld, Morgan's, Wildlife Safari...but we did the caverns, too! :) Those ostriches are CRAZY!