Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lion Dance Gift

One of our friends who we met through Will's school has always been super supportive and just all around understanding. We have had quite a few play dates and always enjoy hanging out with Christi and her kiddos. She teaches a music class that I would encourage everyone to check out, Crescendo Family music.

To celebrate the big 4-0, Christi had the ultimate party including a Lion Dance and asked her family and friends to donate to the UT Mitochondrial Center of Excellence in honor of Will. Pretty amazing if you ask me.

Thank you Christi and all those who contributed! The party raised $205!!

"I decided to have an awesome lion dance from the Lavang Lion Dance Team to bring good luck to my 4th decade, and have realized in my old age that I don't need presents and am better off having my party goers donate $5 to support my little friend, Wiggles." said Christi.


  1. That's just awesome! Mrs. Christi has always been a great person!