Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Merry Christmas and Chunk a Deuce to 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

Well I knew it would happen, I got all caught up on the blog then 17 days at home with kiddos happened and so here I am, behind again. 

Will had quite an extensive Christmas break "I want to do..." List. I won't lie, I was rather nervous about keeping two kids entertained and some semblance of sanity for me during the break, but it ended up being a lot of fun. And, it was a good confidence booster than I CAN actually handle two kids by myself for multiple hours and not just inside our house. 

Quinn's first Santa experience... okay at first then...

Not so okay. I'm utterly shocked Will didn't throw a deuce with Santa. 
He must have really wanted some presents. 

Annual tradition of breakfast with Santa with Murphy

Christmas morning! 

This was Will for TWO hours... playing the Wii. I think he tried every game a couple of times. 

Apparently this along with some serious play time at my parents house Christmas afternoon resulted in not a good situation for Will. He was totally wiped out. Neil and I were both really really concerned he was having some sort of metabolic stroke. His speech was slurring and you could tell he wasn't chewing as well. We spent the next few days laying low. 

Will gave Quinn a baby doll that giggles when you squeeze it. I think they both like it. 

JJ Watt jersey. He really is just all boy. He may have a mitochondrial disease but that hasn't hampered his love for sports, any and all of them.

More present unwrapping

Neil and I went to the Longhorn bowl game with some friends. Not to shabby of a view. I had even gotten some pictures of Bevo for Will, but he chose to get on my phone and delete them. 
He deleted those pictures AFTER I gave him his surprise of a Longhorn cookie from the game.

One of the items on Will's "I Want To..." list was to go to the library. So we went during story hour / craft hour. Quinn and Will both had a great time. They did music, books and coloring. 

Will was the oldest kiddo there... too cool for this huh?

Participating in the session

Playing operation, a Christmas gift! 

Not in the mood for photos, but another item on the list. Try out this neighborhood place called Reds for a special dessert treat. We walked there in the freezing cold / nasty weather; at least it was good to get out of the house. 

Another item on the list... make a Gingerbread House. Bonus points that it was with Aunt Lisa!!

And finally, Happy New Year from Quinn. She hasn't quite figured out how to hold her liquor yet. :-)

In many aspects I'm sad to see 2014 go. We celebrated so much, Quinn's birth, Will's 5th birthday, successful jobs, even managed to go on a vacation. Most importantly, Will had an amazing year. He started a new school and has been overall very healthy. 2014 is a year that I wish had gone a little slower because everyone and everything was pretty amazing. 


  1. This has to be the best photo of Quinn... ever! Makes me crack up every time I see it. Here's to 2015 being is as healthy and happy as last year. XOXO

  2. When I first read the title I thought Will gave up throwing deuces as his new years resolution. LMAO. No deuces in the pics though, so maybe he did? ;) Such sweet pictures as always. Love him in his JJ Watt jersey and also chillin at the library like the cool older kid who's semi over it. I hate that the hard day of play had such an effect on him. How scary for y'all. Glad to hear overall his health has been good. It sure looks like that from the pictures. Now if we can just get Quinn to watch the alcohol intake.... LOL. What cuties you have!