Friday, December 19, 2014

Life in Photos

Ah! I'm all caught up on the blog... Okay, I totally skipped Thanksgiving but I thought a fun round up of photos during the past few months would be way more fun.

Too cool for school

Academy, Will's favorite place to visit.

Train ride around the zoo with Carson during Thanksgiving break.

Me and Neil throwing the deuce while on vacation... We sent Will the picture. That was basically the only photo we took the entire trip! 

Quinn enjoying a PSL from aunt Lisa

Will giving us some fun art work he made with my mom and sister. I LOVE IT!

Decorating the tree. We decided to do this while Quinn slept...

Will's spot on the tree

New Longhorn hat

Oh look at me... I'm eating real food now and making a huge mess.

New shoes since I'm walking places now. She usually does about 4 - 6 steps and then plops on the ground or lunges for furniture. 

Donuts with dad at school

Sippy cups and spinach 

Bow browsing at Target. No we didn't buy one and yes those are her PJs. 

Little Miss Grabby Hands

Wow, big belly and big wet diaper! 

Our most exciting visitor! Our friends from Colorado whose daughter shares the exact same mutation point as Will does came in town. We were able to visit for a while and enjoyed seeing what a beautiful and sweet little lady shares this strange disease with Will. 

Only a few short weeks away from turning 1 year old! 
This is her having a little tantrum... 

This might be how I want to occasionally act during the next two weeks while school is out.  

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  1. LOVE. THESE. The deuces on vacay are awesome! I bet Will loved it! Also, keep hookin those horns, Will! You look adorable in the new hat.