Sunday, December 7, 2014

Teeth are Coming and Going!

We've got teeth coming and going over here.

Will lost his first tooth today! We went to lunch and while we were eating I looked over at Will and noticed he had some food covering his tooth. Well, it wasn't food or a tooth - just a big open black gap on the bottom front.

He must have swallowed it and we had no clue it was even lose. And yes, we do brush and floss and still didn't notice. He kind of freaked out for a bit but then I told him the tooth fairy would still come even though he had swallowed it. That seemed to mitigate any concerns.

After he cooled off one of the first things he told me, "I need to tell Meagan and Ann" (his teachers) and I thought that was pretty hilarious. I'm guessing they have told the kids frequently to report any missing teeth during the day.

We went to get his hair cut afterwards and the first thing he told the lady, I lost my tooth! So clearly he is quite pleased with himself.

Quinn is a drooling teething mess.... She got her bottom two and top two teeth in a while ago, but is working on the next few on top right now. One has just cut through and the other is on its way. She's been surprisingly pleasant.


  1. You could always search you know, his poop, for the tooth ;-) Happy day, Will!

  2. Wooo hooo! Cool, Will! Vincent lost one a week ago. Milena wasn't losing teeth until end of first grade. Kindergarten big boys losing teeth and everything!