Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hay Ride 2014

I really love our neighborhood, everyone is just the exact amount of weird, normal, genuine and kind all wrapped up in old houses and good energy. During December a certain portion of the neighborhood hosts a "Lights in the Heights" party where pretty much every house does an amazing job decorating. They do a huge party night, parade etc.

There's a long-time Heights activist and resident who does hayrides around the neighborhood as well. We've somehow managed to get on his "nice list" and every year we do a hayride with a few friends and our family.

Even though we could have all been wearing shorts, it really does get you in the holiday spirit! It was Quinn's first hayride and I was REALLY nervous I would be walking home with her and the diaper bag. You could tell the first few blocks really rattled her, but then she found a comfy spot on my shoulder and as the night went on she starting saying hi and bye to everyone.

Gotta chunk a deuce of course. This year we let Will ride not next to me or Neil. I was nervous the entire time but he did great. You could tell he really liked having the independence from us. 

The ladies... getting their Christmas bingo cards and clipboards ready with stickers. 

That's Santa wind sailing... 

What is this?? A Christmas miracle, we are ALL four looking at a camera and smiling. 

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