Friday, December 5, 2014

The Crud

Hello blog friends. We've been MIA for good reasons - Neil and I went on a very relaxing six night vacation and then it was Thanksgiving. I'm going to attempt to do a bunch of old posts I've been wanting to do and then get current. I use this also as a "scrapbook" of sorts so yup, you'll be seeing pumpkin patch pics in December, believe me, they are better than lame Elf on the Shelf photos :-)

In general life is okay here. We all have some version of "The Crud" - snot, cough, congestion, headache etc. It can't go away quick enough. Thankfully, Will seems to be faring pretty well. He has had a few questionable days in the past month, but overall is just missing chocolate milk since I have put him on clear fluids to help reduce all that funk with the crud.

During Thanksgiving break we took Will on a special "adult" adventure for a fun night with just mom and dad. We went to see a new art installment at Discovery Green. It's a field of lights. We also ate dinner at the restaurant there onsite, it's an "adult" place as we told him so he was very grown up for the night.

Neil and I really enjoyed watching him as he does seem to have grown up overnight in so many ways. The way he talks, helps and reacts to so many things... He's no longer a toddler at all!

Of course there are no great photos and Will had to throw the peace sign in every one.

Quinn is going to be a year old in January and has started taking her first few independent steps - 10 one night! She also got some big girl walking shoes.

Stay tuned...

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  1. Love Will's peace sign and Quinn's kicks! Hope you all beat the crud soon.