Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Bravest Boy I Know

In the past year, Will has been poked, prodded and then some. Through it all, he has been such a brave and awesome trooper. Of all the tests we've done, we somehow had not had his heart checked. So, Will's doctor suggested we go ahead and do one, especially since he'll be under anesthesia next week and again at the end of November for the Stanford study. (He can't sit still for an MRI, so they have to put him under). Mito kids have a special, longer more intense process for anesthesia and it usually takes them longer to wake up. This hasn't proven true with Will as he woke up quickly the day he had a muscle biopsy, spinal tap and CAT scan. It's good that he wakes up quickly. It means his body is able to metabolize the medicine.

So, on Tuesday, Neil and Will took yet one more trip down to Children's Memorial Hermann for the Echo and EKG. It's kind of like an ultrasound and then a bunch of electrodes on his belly. Will did a great job! The technician said it would likely take an hour, but he was so still and calm that it only took 20 minutes! Neil had to lie on his back on the table and then Will laid on his back (on top of Neil) and held Neil's hands the whole time. I think he was a little scared, but he didn’t fuss and go crazy. He didn't like when they did the ultrasound on / near his neck but that was the only time he fought it. Pretty good little guy!

I'm so proud of both my guys! Don't have any results yet, but we have no reason to believe there is anything wrong. I'll post when we get an answer.

Tonight Will had vegetable lasagna for dinner and it made me appreciate that he is such a good and easy eater! He usually always accepts what's put in front of him and likes vegetables of all kinds. It reminded me of a very intense experience with spinach. I thought he was going to turn into Popeye. My favorite part is when he cuts his eyes towards his milk and is like, no. Forget it lady, I'm eating. He was about 15 months old here.


  1. Will is going to teach you & Neil how to be brave as well, though you will always be amazing by his bravery and attitude. Then, of course, are the beautiful blue eyes & the smile that metls you when it spreads across his face. The Martin Family is facing Mito with great fortitude. Enjoy visiting San Fran & then Stanford! Love bunches!

  2. He is teaching us more than we could ever have imagined! Much love, Lori